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  1. Water Fight

    As I was researching the effect of ongoing conflict in the workplace for my book about long-term patterns, I was struck with how many people will "go to the mat" to argue for their position rather than look at what is really in everyone's best interests. Anyone own a pair of Puma or Adidas sneakers? The two companies were started by brothers who became such rivals that the town where they both liv…Read More

  2. Mad as Hell!

    The other day I turned on the television to catch up on the media buzz around the Pennsylvania primary and ended up mesmerized as I watched a group of teenage “cheerleaders” in Lakeland, Florida participate in violently beating a classmate and videotaping the incident.   My mind went from the youngsters’ desire to videotape in order to become instant celebrities on YouTube to “Where were …Read More

  3. A Moment of Truth in Black and White

    Recently I asked one of my colleagues if she had heard Barack Obama's speech; she paused and then said, "You mean THE speech?" The capital letters in her voice told me she knew she had heard something of uncommon importance. I know I did. For me, it brought back a memory of a particular moment of truth in my life, which I'd like to share. This is not about politics or who to vote for. It's about w…Read More

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