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  1. The Incentive Trap

    Jeffery Pfeffer had a thoughtful entry on BNET titled “When Will We Ever Learn” (December 18). He talks about the repetitive patterns that have been key in forming our present economic problems– the role of financial incentives.   When bonuses are based on the quantity of bottom line numbers it is inevitable that employees will rush to the finish line with the most signed contracts, bill…Read More

  2. From Clown to Humorist

    Jim Carrey is funny! He also can be a great serious actor. He gave insight into the source of his acting skills. Interviewed on Larry King’s program last night he gave us a snapshot of just how he became a clown. As a youngster, Jim’s mother was in pain a great deal of the time and he did whatever he could to make her laugh. His grandparents were alcoholics and when they visited there was sham…Read More

  3. Colors and Textures for the New Administration

    It was bound to happen. Obama's color is once again causing debate. And, if we can go past the "Yes he is" or "No he isn't" we could make headway beyond the traditional either/or climate that wastes so much time and creative energy of our population.   Obama represents for us a new form of human energy...he is a hybrid. He appears to have taken the best that is available from both sides of his …Read More

  4. Reassess WIIFM

    The news these past few weeks reminds me of a quote from a man who was both a visionary and a pragmatist. The quote is not a simplistic. "Don’t Worry Be Happy" statement, it is one that seems to cycle throughout recorded time showing that "bad guys" can and do win and then ultimately lose.    "When I despair," Gandhi once said, "I remember that all through history the ways of truth and l…Read More

  5. More than Happiness

    Last week the British Medical Journal reported that connecting with happy people improves one's happiness. We know from neuroscience that we all possess mirror neurons that pick up signals from those around us. So the mantra "Don't Worry, Be Happy" certainly makes sense. Except every time I check the news and learn that more and more people are losing their homes and jobs I find it hard to do a ha…Read More

  6. Possibilities

    I was talking to some high school students who said they were angry and mistrustful of the way those in charge have been making decisions that will impact their future. They wanted to know what I have been doing to make a difference. I became quiet and was sad that my answers were so limited. Yes, I said to them, I did have thoughts that we were headed down a slippery slope for some time. No, I t…Read More

  7. Getting Unstuck

      The good I see coming out of all these economic woes is the capacity for all of us to once again look in the mirror and decide if we are living authentic, transparent lives. Going to a meeting in a private jet one day and coming to a continuation of the meeting in a hybrid car the next can be seen as media pressure. So what! Wherever the pressure comes from it is good. Any time we have to reas…Read More

  8. Remembrances

    Our world was split and splintered on this day almost 70 years ago when word came that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. And in a few weeks Barack Obama, the President Elect and his family will vacation on that same island. So I began to think about destruction and rejuvenation and more importantly, what do we learn when we take time to scour the past to change the present.   While war…Read More

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