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  1. Emotions, Engrams, the Stock Market and the Victim Pattern

    I talked with an old friend yesterday who has tons of money, as in maybe $20 million, and that is after he lost about 30% in the down market of today. Believe me, he wont ever have to worry about not having enough food to eat or no place to live, or no coat to wear. He lives frugally, well below his means. I must admit I was losing patience with his hand ringing and whining. I know him well enough…Read More

  2. The Journey to Tomorrow

    Ever get stuck in a tight parking space? The only thing you can do is inch backward, move forward; inch backward, move forward until you can finally turn the wheel enough to get free. Keep this in mind as I explore a significant way of leading through these difficult, yes, even frightening times of change, times when old ways of reacting are no longer viable, and new ways have not yet coales…Read More

  3. The following appears in the January 09 Issue of Harvard Business Review:

    Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership Dear Editor: In their breakthrough article “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership” (September 2008), Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis suggest, and I agree, that modeling and being mentored by respected colleagues can help leaders develop social circuitry and achieve better social skills. However, an action-oriented exploration of…Read More

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