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  1. Hungry Baby Syndrome

    If you are a boss or in a leadership position at work please note that the anxiety from this economic downturn puts you in a difficult position with employees. The emotional aspect of economically induced stress needs to be understood. Whether the fear is real or imagined, it can impact you. Here is what happens. A boss is an authority figure, much like a parent. In our business programs we cautio…Read More

  2. Shut up and Breathe!

    Researching economically induced stress and behavior patterns at the core of anxiety is critical in our present fear based environment. There seem to be so many traps right in front of us; money worries, health concerns, not enough natural resources, and on and on. Please remember that the shadow of the past is always present in decision making and the more we can understand how old events shape t…Read More

  3. Emotional Turmoil: Everyday, Everywhere

    Flying back from San Francisco yesterday was frustrating and fascinating. High winds delayed most of the flights and there was nothing to do but complain. So, that's what we all did. First, we blamed the weather. Can't it just be calm and pleasant? Next, the airline. Can't they have better solutions? Then the seats in the waiting area got trounced. Too hard, too soft, nothing just right. TV monito…Read More

  4. A Nation of Cowards?

    Attorney General Eric Holder called us a nation of cowards because we do not talk enough with each other about race. The issue is bigger. We do not, as a nation, talk enough about much that really matters. Underneath race is a dialogue waiting to happen about the patterns of relationships that have been handed to us through the generations. The questions we need to ask are about the viability of t…Read More

  5. Patterns of Denial Break Apart

    Michael Phelps, the Olympic medal winner not only said, "Yes I did" to smoking pot, he also said, "I am sorry" and about the public controversy, "This is tough." Comes at the same time President Obama said, "I screwed up" when talking about standing behind several of his cabinet choices. This is a far cry from Bill Clinton's, "I never inhaled", Rob Blagojevich's "Did nothing wrong" or recently pas…Read More

  6. The Fresh Air of Truth

    We are so busy making a case for who is right or wrong we sometimes forget to celebrate breakthroughs. Like the three words uttered this week that are a cause for cheers. In a television interview, President Obama said, "I screwed up." Maybe these words will usher in an era where accountability can really reign. These words go beyond the rhetoric of "Yes we can" or even ending speeches with "God b…Read More

  7. Shouting Back at Fear

    During this economic crisis, this is certainly on everyone's mind these days and we all can get bogged down with exhaustion and fear. Here is an important point to think about. Take note of what gets in your way as you go through the work day. Is there worry over your job security and pressure over making sure you produce in a top notch way? That is when you take a slide down to survival mode! St…Read More

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