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  1. “Laughing at our Stress”

    Watching Jon Stewart on The Daily Show several nights ago I was struck with his capacity as a humorist. He took fear about the swine flu outbreak and brought it to a universal level. First, he talked about himself, how grateful he was to get outside and exercise on a beautiful Sunday and his relief over a slight upswing in our down economy. Then how the news of a potential pandemic had him look up…Read More

  2. Light Up Your Life

    "Economically induced stress" is affecting everybody. It grabs us when we go to the grocery store or think about taking a summer vacation. At work most folks are feeling the strain of doing more with less; much, much, less. Employees are sitting at desks with heads down and you can hear mutterings "being buried under the workload". It is so easy to slide back to old survival behaviors when stres…Read More

  3. BNET: “Is Your Firm Cost-Cutting To Death?”

    Need to cut back? How about cutting back on back-biting, gossip, human resource complaints, in your face arguing, and legal issues. In my book "Dont Bring It to Work" I show why most workplaces are rife with negativity and tension. And with the economy causing stress to hit the hot button most of us are reverting back to patterns we learned as children that were survival mechanisms. Picture the fa…Read More

  4. BNET: “What Does Brain Evolution Mean for Business?”

    If we take seriously the research in brain evolution words like reciprocity, cooperation, tolerance, and helping will become a vital part of the lexicon. We can move away from the trappings of success through "stuff" and begin to look towards happiness as being part of something greater than ourselves. We will do what we ask our kids to do, share and be inclusive. Somewhere between childhood and a…Read More

  5. The Age of Altruism

    During times of vast change Charles Dickens dictum "It is the best of times, it is the worst of times" is right. We are in what can be called the "ugly middle" of economic turmoil where we cannot turn back to the way it was and the new way is still unclear. Everyone is rethinking fiscal priorities, looking at issues regarding money, and what matters through a different lens than was used even on…Read More

  6. The Best and The Worst

    It is the time of "the envelope please!"  No, not the Oscars, college acceptances.  Those innocuous white envelopes carry within the future of so many of our children.  There is either acceptance and celebration or rejection and depression.  So often the kids carry the burden of the lost dreams and hopes of the parents.  For many getting into the "right" college is what high school is all …Read More

  7. Playing the Blame Game

    Blaming is such an easy game to play. We all do it and we all learned it early in our lives. "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?" always ends in "Not me! It was him, her or them." Right now, the blame game winners are big business and privileged nations starting with America. Yet, neither the corporations nor nations are at the root of our problems. We need to dig deeper and look at the pa…Read More

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