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  1. When Will We Ever Learn?

    Stereotypes have a staccato feel to them; short, sharp and often deadly words that leave little room for exploring who or what is underneath. The other day I was researching how the media represents office life. Is it boring and silly? Is it fear driven and illness inducing? Is it a place of creativity and growth?   The usual few books, TV shows and movies kept coming up. Office Space, The Office…Read More

  2. Exchanging Hot Fudge for Celery

    I want to do light hearted blogs that can give inspiration and motivation. Yet, every time I go in that direction something pushes me elsewhere. I want to tell managers that you can build your kick ass team by standing in a huddle and chanting “yes, yes, yes” or “yoh, yoh, yoh”. I want it to be easy and simple. Except I know that we are complex, multi-layered beings and we have many compet…Read More

  3. Getting Tired of the Fluff

    Yesterday we spent time with friends who have their pulse on the media. They are a gregarious couple with tons of varied interests. They are also filled with depth. At one point our conversation moved to the world of Twitter and collectively we wondered about the purpose of the quick little glances it gives into the lives of others.   Almost in chorus we looked at each other and said “What is t…Read More

  4. Remembering on Memorial Day

    When Danny stood at the grave site of his brother he was angry and still in shock. Neil had been a victim of a stray bullet. No he was not in uniform fighting for his country. He was a teen walking down the street in Chicago three months ago.   Alexa’s father cannot forgive. His daughter was killed by a drunk driver last year. The ugly crash that took his seven year old child’s life happened …Read More

  5. Can One Person Make a Difference?

    I want to talk more about my friend at Google, Chade-Meng Tan. When we first met and he greeted me with his bright smile I suspected he was certainly intelligent (everyone who works at Google is), and creative (everyone who works at Google is) and action oriented (everyone…you get the point).   What struck me as we spent the afternoon together was his keen sense of humor and his capacity to loo…Read More

  6. Google, More than a Noun, Adjective, or Verb

    I was invited to Google last week and by the time I left I felt, well, full of “good google” energy.  I’m sure most of you know about the campus which reflects an authentic desire to be sustainable. Solar panels, organic food, and limited use of air conditioning prevail. There are places to congregate and talk, play volleyball, or quiet areas to sit alone and just be.   What impressed me t…Read More

  7. I Lost My Job and I’m a Worthless #**@%!!

    “It was so cold for May that I went to the mall to do a power walk. And then I realized I have no power so I went home.”   I have heard variations of this comment at least ten times a day in recent weeks. So, what can be done? Losing a job is like a death. The emotional stages from denial through anger to bargaining and eventually acceptance are in play.   Most of us see ourselves mainly thr…Read More

  8. How Fear Tricks You into Seeing the Tree Branch as a Python

    Yesterday I flew from San Francisco to Newark. No big deal. I am used to lots of zipping around the place. Yet, I felt myself becoming more and more afraid that either I would not get to the airport on time (I did),  the plane would be delayed (it wasn’t), or some disaster would strike me in my tracks (it didn’t).   I’m usually not a fearful person. I love adventure and drama so I tend to …Read More

  9. 3 Ways to get from Good to Great

    In his book “Good to Great” Jim Collins gives great advice. Getting the right people on the bus called “My company” or “my team at work” is right on. Making sure they are all in the right seats for that rock ‘em, sock ‘em ride to success is even better.   So why do I get calls from so many executives wringing their hands over poor hiring decisions? Why do so many of you lose sleep…Read More

  10. Never Been Happier

    You know how it goes. You think about someone, wonder what’s going on in his or her life, plan to email or call and then think about it again right before you fall asleep. By next morning it is a faded memory.   So, I must admit, I didn’t catch up with Lily until many months had passed. I felt a tinge of guilt as I speed dialed her number and wondered what kind of response I would get. You se…Read More

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