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  1. Leadership Strategies and Drama

    One of the most intriguing leadership challenges concerns office drama. The TV series “30 Rock” and “The Office” are great examples of how drama kings and queens take up so much air time at work. What makes drama so pervasive and so time consuming? Easy, it is a fun distraction. If we are prone to hold our emotions to ourselves, we all love to get a vicarious hit of emotional juice from a…Read More

  2. Putting Salve On A Pain in the —- Boss

    There are lots of blogs and articles about bully bosses and how to handle them. Most end by saying either “leave” or “suck it up and stay”. Are there any other options that might work better? First, it is important to understand what is underneath the nasty bad boss syndrome. Persecutors NEED TO FEEL IMPORTANT. They tend to dominate conversations and want to be the center of attention. Th…Read More

  3. Leadership Strategies for the “Gotta Go” Crowd

    The avoider pattern is a BIG one. It is super prevalent in today’s culture as a way of handling conflict and stress. Avoiders are aware of problems, yet won’t talk about them. When listening to an avoider you will here “I’ll get back to you, I have to think about it, don’t call me I’ll call you, and the famous gotta go”. Avoiders hate to be blamed for anything, and they are prone to…Read More

  4. Leadership Strategies and “Nay-Sayers”

    The natural tendency to be a “devil’s advocate” is seductive. It is learned at a young age and is so deeply ingrained into one’s behavior it becomes almost disloyal to say “Yes, that’s great, excellent idea, I’ll support that, count me in, how can I help”. Creating leadership tactics to deal with Nay-Sayers can be super time consuming not to mention, exhausting. The most important …Read More

  5. Leadership Strategies and “Yeh-Sayers”

      There are lots of articles talking about what it takes to keep your job in a down economy. One way, many suggest, is to “do more and don’t complain”. Good if you are a robot, bad if you are a living, breathing person with a stress point that boils over when it gets past 100% efficiency. Those of us programmed to be “Yeh-Sayers” grew up to be pleasers and martyrs. There is a natural te…Read More

  6. A Whole New World Using A Whole New Mind

    When I was gathering endorsements for my book “Don’t Bring It to Work” I went right to a person who I thought would "get" the underlying concepts I hoped would be made available to a large population. One of the first people I connected with was Dan Pink whose book, “A Whole New Mind”, is for me, a trailblazer. He graciously said he can’t do an endorsement unless he reads cover to co…Read More

  7. Leadership Intelligence Needed More Than Ever

    On an exceptionally windy day in Mountain View, California, last month I was a guest at Google and had the unexpected pleasure of spending time with Daniel Goleman. He is known for his breakthrough work in emotional intelligence that has helped the business world become more conscious of the connection between head smarts and heart smarts. Now Dan is at the forefront of another leadership develop…Read More

  8. Essential Skills for Leadership Development

    I am always amazed when business executives roll their eyes when the subject of self awareness comes up. The "soft skills" are still pushed aside by the majority of business leaders as too "touchy feely".  When I question this response I usually get back really old, comments, like “We don’t have time to stand around and sing Kumbaya, we have a business to run.” And when I probe with “Help…Read More

  9. Avoiding Leadership Responsibilities; More than a One Night Stand

    There is a very interesting article in the Washington Post about Mark Sanford regarding moral principles and leadership that really made me think and here is my response: Are we asking the right questions? At this time it needs to be more than "Did Sanford stray"? It is important to look beyond one incident and address long term behavior patterns to find what a person is really made of. In Sanfor…Read More

  10. Let Freedom In

    Think about when you learned about freedom and the meaning of independence. How old were you? Who encouraged you? Was it an easy passing of the baton or a tug of war? Each of us accepts or rejects the idea of freedom based on how we are given or have to grab what we want and need. There are a myriad of images surrounding Independence Day. I remember when I was thirteen and let my mother know I wou…Read More

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