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  1. Tell Em You Love Em

    You know the song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love…”. During these times that still seem economically tough and money is tight what can we give that replenishes itself, that won’t cause us worry and stress and still has a positive impact. Love, you say. That is certainly correct. However, the concept of love is filled with lots of dark crevices and deep crannies. I am going to…Read More

  2. 4 Clues that Your Boss is Getting Ready to Put You on a Performance Improvement Plan

    We all know that the formal language around a PIP is that it is “designed to facilitate a discussion between you and your boss”. Right! Everyone knows it is really a way to get you to self select out before you get fired. Wrong! If you have a crystal ball and see a performance improvement plan looming in your future do not worry. I’ll say it again. Do not worry. Or at least don’t let the …Read More

  3. Leadership Strategies and Emotional Mountains

    There are many of us who learned as children to rant and rave, to make mountains out of molehills, to cry or stomp our feet to get attention. Or, maybe it was not always about wanting attention. Often, in a family the drama queen or king, the persecutor, the super achiever and the martyr are playing their role to keep peace in the family by turning the spotlight front and center on themselves. In…Read More

  4. Leadership Strategies: Let Them See you Sweat, Just Not Too Much!

    We have all been taught that strong leaders are unemotional. They just deal with the facts and get the work done. That is just plain nonsense. There have been enough studies that show when we suppress our emotions we are fodder for all kinds of physical ills. Suppressions of emotions can be costly. Please remember that. Male or female, when we shut down our emotional responses here is what happen…Read More

  5. Leadership Strategies for Emotional Times

    We all need to find our own personal way OUT of difficult emotional situations. Out stands for Observe, Understand, and Transform. How we do that can make all the difference in our work relationships and give us high marks as leaders. In my book “Don’t Bring It to Work” I offer some short quizzes and tests to help you observe the behavior patterns that are at the core of most knee jerk respo…Read More

  6. I was noodling around the net looking for some interesting info on resilency, one of the most talked about topics this year. We are starting resiliency workshops at various companies based on our work with pattern repeating behavior that gets in the way. Non resilient work enviroments lead to stress in the workplace, and an inability for conflict resolution to occur. There is also residual "guilt …Read More

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