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  1. Coaching as a Non Contact Sport

    While we are all still sorting through the ups and downs of the economy, hearing that the recession is over, yet, the unemployment rate is higher, makes us all feel bi-polar. The question is who and what to believe.   So when you begin to feel both positive and doubtful at the same time, what do you do? I just hung up the phone, yes it is still so good to hear a real voice in a real conversation,…Read More

  2. From Cheerleader to Coach

    Workplace coaching is pretty common these days and is needed more than ever. When stress hits the hot button most of us have a hard time seeing through the color red that coats our perceptions.   Red is universally understood as a color for survival or to provoke. Red light when we are driving means stop. Red flag means danger. We “see red” when we are furious. Red cape in front of a bull get…Read More

  3. Leadership Lessons in 5 Minutes a Day: Or What is Really Possible

    There are so many get rich, get smart, get published, get promoted, get successful, schemes out there. So many promises of what you can do in one minute, a day or a week end. I am finally coming out of the closet to say, rubbish to all the hype!   Have you ever noticed that we humans are complex, multi-layered beings? I  guess if we were like flat worms and just divided in half to procreate we c…Read More

  4. Leadership Development and Ethical Capitalism

    I’m on a roll with wanting to understand economics differently. I must admit, I gave up counting in third grade, never liked numbers, and preferred the messy world of emotions to the precision of math.   However, as I research the impact of money on our lives for my new e-book (soon to be ready “Ka-Ch’ing! How Family Patterns Play with Your Money Mind), I am becoming more and more fascinate…Read More

  5. Leadership Strategies and Economist Perspectives

    Yesterday I wrote about a husband and wife who are economists stationed in Afghanistan. Somehow, that set up a stream of connections about the world structure from an economic perspective. The next night, still in London, there was a CNBC show called “House of Cards” about the failures of Wall Street and the mortgage mess. It grabbed my attention.   While riding the Tube, eating fish and chip…Read More

  6. Leadership and Frankie Valli

    Just back from the U.K. and one of the fun things Herb and I love to do is wander around the West End, London’s equivalent of Broadway, to see some shows. Funny how we ended up seeing Tony winning “Jersey Boys” sitting next to a couple from Wales who had just returned from Afghanistan watching a show about home town boys from New Jersey.   Before the show began we had an illuminating discus…Read More

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