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  1. Tillit and Other Palindromes

      Got your attention?  I hope so. The palindrome for you to watch is an important reminder that when we look with new eyes, the context of the world changes in the blink of our eyes. Read it forwards and then read the same words backwards and see what changes occur inside you.   First, an example: "Tillit" is a Swedish word that means the same thing reading it forwards and backwards. It means …Read More

  2. Unhappy at Work

    Months ago I posted a blog on why women are so unhappy at work. I am still getting responses, even though most “older blogs” are put out to pasture by the end of the day they are conceived and birthed.   I have been thinking about why there is so much gloom and doom about getting up in the morning, going to a place where we are being asked to roll up our sleeves, produce and create, and then …Read More

  3. Cultural Sensitivity

      As I was writing my Elegant Leadership blog about the poor choice of language from Michael Steele, of the Republican Party, I was reminded of a powerful scenario from a Leadership in Action program I led years ago.   There was a group of 24 business people from various organizations who gathered together for a week to understand leadership capabilities from an experiential perspective.   My h…Read More

  4. Relationship Complexities at Work, Home, and in the Bedroom

    We can thank Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and all the other guys who have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Or, have they?   Relationships are the most complex, most confusing, and most important part of what it means to be a human being. I am hoping that we have finally hit the wall looking at relationships through a superficial, selfish lens. Perhaps we can begin to look at what real…Read More

  5. Leadership and Pattern Awareness

    I spent some time during the holidays checking out how people either crave new situations, or are almost addicted to repeating patterns from the past - New Year’s Eve is a perfect example. We were on a plane from San Francisco to Albuquerque. I could feel a sense of anticipation as we walked through the mostly empty concourse on our way to the car.   As we moved from passenger only, to the meet…Read More

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