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  1. Creative Tension and Team Bickering

    Why is it so hard for all of us to get along? Why do we so often resemble the little kids in the school playground, either grabbing for what we want or sulking in the corner waiting for the teacher to save us?   There is fascinating research about how behavior patterns are locked in our nervous system and how they come out to haunt us when we are stressed. It is time for us to “practice safe st…Read More

  2. Kindness at Work

    What if we spent more time looking for role models of kindness and altruism and less time looking at ego driven reality show folks who are all about me, me, me. What if in leadership development programs, team enhancement seminars, life coaching, executive coaching, and conflict resolution workshops we stopped looking at what doesn’t work and started to look at what does work. Would we all be th…Read More

  3. Leadership Strategies and Going Green

    Every so often you meet an elegant leader who stands far above most. That is the case with Canadian scientist David Suzuki. He is a world changer whose love of the environment, nature, the planet seems to ooze from every pore in his body. Image via Wikipedia   I had the pleasure of hearing him speak and having lunch with him several years ago. His daughter, also an environmentalist, joined our s…Read More

  4. Playing OUT Patterns

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse  James have put Tiger and the other philanderers on the back page. Soon their story will be replaced by another couple that can’t make it (i.e. the relationship) work. Image by John Griffiths via Flickr   Why are so many people obsessed with what happens when a partner derails and is caught in secrets and lies? What makes us look for the roadmap for relationships in th…Read More

  5. Tiger and The Truth

    How much information is enough? Tiger Woods has been giving some interviews as he gets ready to restart his golf engine. Image via Wikipedia   I have worked with several “celebrities” and know the tests and challenges they face are made worse by the glare of the public. Are they so different from you and me? Are their problems more complex, vaster, and more interesting than the ones you and I…Read More

  6. Leadership and Sankofa Mapping

    Ever get annoyed with someone and say, usually with indignation “Who do you think you are?” There is a new television series by that name that gives the question a whole new meaning.   Image via Wikipedia Last Friday there was an opportunity to look more deeply into the life of American football legend Emmitt Smith than just how he has done on the ball field or how well he could strut his stu…Read More

  7. The Boy Who Became St. Patrick

    I’ll bet you see more people of every denomination wearing a bit of green today. Well, maybe the same color will be well represented on Earth Day. In any case, St. Patrick’s Day is known for parades, beer and lots of fun.   I did some research to find out who is the man behind the myth and there are quite a few interesting facts. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by a band of pirates from his…Read More

  8. Spring Cleaning for Your Brain

    I am looking at the trees and the rich, brown, fertile earth I have not seen here at The Country Place, our Pocono retreat center, since, well, since before Christmas.   There was always a blanket of snow that finally the big rains this weekend washed away. It is warm enough to open a window and let the beginning smells of spring enter my nostrils. It is a rich, woodsy smell, the smell of green a…Read More

  9. Celebrities and the Cult of Too Muchness

      Corey Haim, starred in a film called “Lost Boys”. The title, so prophetic, gives us pause to consider what we are doing, and that means all of us, to help kids grow into joyful, creative, and competent adults.   His friends are doing what friends do, looking for reasons and who to blame. There are plenty of places to point fingers. Corey Feldman, a good childhood pal and actor pointed towa…Read More

  10. Stretch Goals and Human Relationships

    There was an excellent article by renowned leadership expert Michael Maccoby in the Washington Post  about the upside and downside of “stretch goals”.   The Olympics, a perfect example of watching individuals and teams push themselves, motivated by the desire to achieve greatness. What Maccoby suggested is that we need to look at the fine line between going toward a vision that is possible a…Read More

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