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  1. Leadership Recognition

    I am having such a great time watching the responses come in from the Wall Street Journal article. The best part is the back story: I wasn’t even looking!   Last month I received an email from Sue Shellenbarger saying she would like to do an article that would include "Don’t Bring It to Work". Needless to say, I was pleased, well, okay, delighted, well, okay, amazingly overwhelmed.   Next sh…Read More

  2. The Compass of Leadership

    What happens when as leaders we get stuck in our own stuff, when we have lost our own way? Where do we turn? How do we ask for help? After all leaders lead, they don’t follow!   The best time for growth is when we find ourselves in a pile of manure, and I agree with that concept. Actually growth and change do seem to come more effectively when we have been put in difficult situations more than …Read More

  3. Leadership Strategies: “Dan the Crying Man”

    Dan came into my office, slumped in the chair across from me and started to cry. Yup, this big strong 200 pound, 6’3” man sat there with tears sliding down his cheeks and accepted the tissues I handed him.   My first thought, as I waited for him to compose himself was, “He never cries”. My next thought was, “Has there been a death in the family”? Then I did what I do when someone is i…Read More

  4. Coca-Cola Faces Anger

    Coca-Cola Faces Anger From Shareholders About Use of BPA in Cans [UPDATE] BY Dan Nosowitz Today Bisphenol-A, commonly called BPA, is a chemical used in many plastics that in recent years has been found capable of leaching into liquids when used in liquid containers like plastic bottles. It has also been the subject of large-scale recalls, since the FDA discovered it could cause all sorts of medic…Read More

  5. Can Commom Sense be Learned?

    Fascinating article on "Can Common Sense be Learned?" It brings to mind that nature vs. nurture argument, or the one that questions if we are born as a clean slate vs. we come into the world already formed.   I so wish that common sense was as common as we would like. If it were I don't believe Tiger Woods would have behaved as he did, or Eliot Spitzer, or son of actor Michael Douglas' who was ju…Read More

  6. I Almost Wrote a Brochure

    I was sitting at my desk folding a piece of paper into a tri-fold. And then I asked myself what in heaven's name was I doing? Had I somehow gone back to the early 90's? I took the paper and instead made an airplane that I sailed across the room.   I was about to surf the web and the phone rang. It was an old friend who wanted to cajole me into putting an ad in her magazine. I wanted to help her …Read More

  7. Leadership and Proper Boundaries

    Are school teachers only meant to teach children spelling, calculus, and ancient history? Or are they also meant to be role models for how to behave as youngsters grow and become the next generation of business men and women?   We put these young people in schools to prepare them for the world of work. We hope the learning in school is both for skills as well as interpersonal relationships. So, w…Read More

  8. Response to Tiger’s New Ad

    I wonder what Tiger's dad was really talking about, certainly not his son's sexual conduct, probably his golf swing! This is a blatant misuse of a dead man's comments. Tiger, stands there looking like a dead man walking.   What are we to learn from watching this ad other than to see how far we, as a culture, have fallen in bad taste.   We all hear the voices of the dead in our heads. Parents who…Read More

  9. Watching the Next Generation of Leaders Evolve

    I rarely remember where I was last year on the same date. I have to plumb the depths of my memory to recapture last Thanksgiving, or where I was on the Fourth of July.   Ask me to go back five years and I am a deer in the headlights “huh” stare. Yet, one day is etched so strongly I remember every emotion, every moment of the day my first grandchild was born.   My daughter, Julie was almost…Read More

  10. Need for Leadership

    The torment for the parents of the young suicide victim, the children who are accused of causing the horrific situation, the parents of all these children, the school officials, in fact, all children, parents and teachers in the school are in this together.   Yet, as usual they end up standing at polar opposite sides of the scales of justice. This is truly no different that what goes on around th…Read More

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