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  1. Leadership and “It’s All About Me”

      Think about a moment when someone is judging a situation that seems untenable and you think “What did I do to make this so awful?”   Happens to the best of us; happens to all of us. What is the best way to handle the emotions that bubble up? Many become “the stuffers” and let the unpleasant feelings gurgle and gnaw at the solar plexus right above the stomach. That is why anti-acids are…Read More

  2. Well, It’s Wednesday.

      Well, It's Wedneday. "So what", you say? Or "UGGGG", you say. Or "no biggie."   For most of us geared to a 5 day work week this day is often a killer. It just seems longer than the rest of the week, like they (whomever 'they' are) have magically added an extra 48 looooooong hours to the time.   And, this week to make it worse, at least on the east coast, it's like a typical dreary winter day.…Read More

  3. From Victim to Explorer

      Lots of folks are taking the PatternAware quiz and beginning to look more deeply at the ingrained behaviors that are keeping them from living a full and fun life.   As your workplace relationship expert it is my delight to give tips and techniques to help you begin making changes that will turn these bothersome behaviors into their healthy opposites.   Here is what Charlene wrote: "I have bee…Read More

  4. 5 Things to Brighten Up the Work Week

      What if everyday at work was amazing, rewarding, conflict free, and wonderful?   If that were the case you would be living in a pretend paradise that, I can assure you, would get boring, boring, boring within a month.   Anyone remember the movie "Pleasantville"? It is a 50’s type family living in a 50’s type community where everything is so….well pleasant. The beginning of the film is i…Read More

  5. “HMD” to All Women and Men Who Have Birthed Anything

      A female executive I am coaching called me very early this morning and complained about how hard Sunday would be for her. My response was not super professional; all I said was "Huh?"   She then launched into a soliloquy about the fact that she had made a conscious decision not to have children and every Mother’s Day she had tons of people who would look at her with sad expressions and eithe…Read More

  6. Leadership and The Velveteen Rabbit

      Anyone remember this really cool kids book? It came to mind yesterday when I was tired and felt "used up." I complained to Herb, my husband with a litany of "blah blah blah, my hair, my face, wrinkles around my eyes, and more blah, blah, blah."   He looked at me with his bemused smile and said "That’s all good, you are a velveteen rabbit, it’s what life is meant to be, to use us up before …Read More

  7. Ya Never Know!!

      I was sitting at my computer writing away when the rain started and the wind blew. It had been sunny only moments earlier. I kept writing, intent about getting the article finished before going to present at a local leadership seminar.   Then I heard a thud. I stopped to explore. The big wind was busy whirling and letting us all know it was in charge.   The glass table on the outdoor patio ha…Read More

  8. Leadership Integrity

      I am watching so many people begin to brighten up as the spring sun smiles down warmth, the days become longer for early evening walks, and flowers show their stuff, in red, yellow, lilac, and bright orange.   Spring is always a season of new possibilities, of new beginnings. And yet, I always sense a bit of caution that old, unfinished projects, commitments, and agreements can be pushed to th…Read More

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