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  1. Leadership Theory

      After spending days looking at the media frenzy around Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan I must admit I could not even look at the rash of media mentions around Levi and Bristol and Sarah Palin. I needed some deeper nutrition and found it in Ron White’s article about leadership theories. I was just wondering what would happen if we stopped obsessing with celebrities that keep us feasting on cotton…Read More

  2. Bill Gates to Teachers

    Whether you have children or not, the future of society truly depends upon how we educate the next generations. Check out what you think about Bill Gates ideas for helping teachers grow as professionals. He makes good points. And then look at my comments and let me know what you think. Bill Gates spoke to the AFT on July 10th. Here is an excerpt of what he told the teachers: Great teaching is the…Read More

  3. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

    Since I began doing leadership coaching with Jon Gosselin, I have become more sensitized to the role of "celebrity" in our culture. It creates both the addiction to being known and noticed all the time, and increases the dark side of depression and disappointment when the lights stop flashing.   There was an interview recently with Angelina Jolie who talked about the fact that so many in Hollywo…Read More

  4. Sylvia, Jon, and Asking Questions

      I am fascinated by the fact that there are so many words being written on the web, and yet, there are so few real questions being asked. Yesterday I was fortunate to talk with a reporter from TodayShow.com and what a difference!   We had a dialogue! Now, that is not something busy people do anymore. Dialogue is not debate. Debate is when there is a winner and a loser. It was not just plain con…Read More

  5. Battling Women and Windmills

    In our Total Leadership Connections program we teach participants to go beyond the obvious, that leadership in any field requires deep thought; superficial considerations are merely not enough. Recently asked what I thought about all the brouhaha around actor/director Mel Gibson’s racist and venomous comments to ex-girlfriend and mother of his child I decided to do some research. Based on what I…Read More

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