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  1. A Gentleman and a Scholar

    Last weekend I had the fun of being at the 21st Century Book marketing Conference in San Diego. Arielle Ford and Mike Koenigs put on a spectacular program with so much learning my head is still spinning days later.   One take away from the seminar was a short private chat with Harvey McKay whose book “Swimming With the Sharks”, is a classic in the field of customer relations. Harvey is a trim…Read More

  2. Good Interviews Make You Think

      Avil Beckford of The Invisible Mentor blog, best on the net, really helped me take a vast view of my life. Enjoy the following.   Sylvia Lafair – Your Invisible Mentor by: Avil Beckford Grow, learn and be of service, that’s Sylvia Lafair’s raison d’etre. Conducting interviews is an enjoyable, yet humbling experience. For me, I am always reminded of how little I know, and how much I can…Read More

  3. Vote for your Popular Annoying Pattern

    Geoffrey James has done a spectacular job of helping the world become more pattern aware. Cast your vote and see what others are saying about annoying patterns. Please remember that it is easier to see these behaviors on others before you are willing to turn the spotlight on yourself. In any case, observing these ingrained behaviors is the first step in making change really happen. If we all beco…Read More

  4. In the Blink of an Eye

    Last evening having dinner with my grown children and grandchildren we started to reminisce;. mostly the talk was about “remember when…..” It was a relaxed and delightful time together.   By the time we returned to our new home here in California it was late and yet, that minimal addiction I now have, called “check the emails", took over. On my way to my personal news I stopped to read ab…Read More

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