Every inning of the World Series has its own personality. In the second game on Thursday night the San Francisco Giants were in charge. It was a raucous game, a game of strong healthy young men swinging and running and throwing.   As a newby Giants fan, having recently moved to Sonoma County,  I loved every moment of the players rounding third base to home, the orange handkerchiefs swirling in …Read More

  San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy refers to his team, now getting ready for the World Series as a “bunch of misfits.” Huh? They played super ball in their series against the Phillies. Misfits?   Switch to Glee, the hit TV show that is capturing the minds and hearts of our nation; the story of a high school singing club full of misfits. These kids get along best with each other, havi…Read More

If you are not familiar with Anne Geddes work, run your fingers quickly to a site that will show you her remarkable photographs with pregnant women and infant. It is heartwarming and amazingly creative. We really do need to reconnect with the sacredness of conception and birth. It has been lost in a society that seems to get cruder and more sensationalistic as the days go by.   In “Don’t Brin…Read More

  I used to be an avid baseball fan. Then somewhere between getting a PhD, helping my daughters settle into their young adult lives, and becoming a grandma I just turned my attention elsewhere.   Now, with my new home team, the San Francisco Giants in the playoffs with the Philadelphia Phillies I am re-finding my sports mind is still intact; not that different than getting back on a bike after y…Read More

Last Thursday I had a fun time watching my mind make comments to myself and then I learned, once again, about how hard it is not to judge, and to stay open to everything around me.    Here’s the scene: sitting in a middle seat on a totally booked airplane going from Newark to San Francisco, a five and a half hour stint I became an internal drama queen, frustrated that with all the flying I do …Read More

  Wonder what John Lennon would have looked like at 70? What causes he would be writing songs about? Would he have been a staunch environmentalist?  Befriended the paparazzi? Continuously request that we imagine a better world?   There were those who thought he was rather paranoid when he said the FBI had a file on him. He was right. The polarization we are experiencing in our country today is …Read More

One of the best ways to deepen and remember what is important is through humor. In “Don’t Bring It to Work” I talk about the clown pattern that can be annoying and invasive being transformed to the humorist. This blog by Mark Jaffee is a great example of well timed and well stated humor. Enjoy and pass this along, it’s fun and deep at the same time.   Choose Better Habits and Enjoy Them …Read More

I met a woman at a conference I attended last week who was both beautiful and smart. I liked her instantly, until she started to talk and talk and talk….about herself. Not once did she ask me a question and I, the question asking queen of the planet, never even had an opportunity to ask her anything.   So, I sat at lunch mulling over the thought that women tend to talk more than men and I wonde…Read More