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  1. Can’t We Just Be Friends

    The following Time article is a great example of what happens when patterns we learned as children are not transformed as we grow into adulthood. There are many ways to look at our patterned behavior and be accountable for our part in all relationships. Female-female relating is becoming more and more polarized as we look at the housewives series on reality TV and the large number of women taken t…Read More

  2. 3 Rules for the “I Hate to Sell” Mind Set

    Geoffrey James is a wealth of information. His blogs are fun to read and amazingly informative. When I interviewed him I had enough information to blog for many years. One of the areas we covered was the traditional “hate to sell”: mentality that so many of us, including me, have. Where did it come from? Why is it so hard to break a pattern that was locked in the brains decades ago? Mostly I …Read More

  3. A Halloween Gift

    This blog is on the personal level and I hope you find what I am about to share helpful. My mother died on Halloween years ago. Hard to forget the exact situation when it is not just an ordinary day, one usually filled with fun and costumes and candy and parties.   Those years ago I was in the middle of the worst time in my life. I was separating from my husband, finances were tight, my daughters…Read More

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