Get Ready For Thanksgiving 2014!

  • MFAAdmin
  • November 21, 2014

Thank you to, Jeannie Mecorney, a Total Leadership Connection graduate, for sending me this fun ditty to launch the holiday season.

I belong in the “vegan camp” this year. Our 9 year old granddaughter is a staunch vegetarian and we are leaning more and more in that direction. So, I will let you know what great and unique menus our daughters come up with.

Have a happy and thankful day next week, regardless of what you eat. Enjoy the song.

Safe Spaces, Hot Spots And What If

Waiting in Ferguson Missouri. Waiting for the judge to hand down the decision. Waiting to see if there will be violence or calm. Waiting to see how justice is served.

Waiting to see if there can be anything new and helpful that will come out of how the people of Ferguson handle a tense and difficult situation.

The issues here go beyond the shooting of one young man and the power of the police. The issues are about how we, as human beings get along, work together, and make change happen.

What an important time to do some leadership development training. What a perfect venue to get past the “us” versus “them.”

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