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  1. Leadership Development, Ego Stroking, “Atta Boy’s”, and Truth Telling

    I stood at the back of a fast food restaurant waiting for my colleague to get his coffee so we could sit in the summer weather when it isn’t even spring. My mind was in that "Thank God It's Friday" mode when suddenly I found my ears circling around to eavesdrop on two employees. “I see you have your stupid smiling face on the wall as the employee of the month”. “Yeah, it’s such a bunch o…Read More

  2. “HMD” to All Women and Men Who Have Birthed Anything

      A female executive I am coaching called me very early this morning and complained about how hard Sunday would be for her. My response was not super professional; all I said was "Huh?"   She then launched into a soliloquy about the fact that she had made a conscious decision not to have children and every Mother’s Day she had tons of people who would look at her with sad expressions and eithe…Read More

  3. Leadership and The Velveteen Rabbit

      Anyone remember this really cool kids book? It came to mind yesterday when I was tired and felt "used up." I complained to Herb, my husband with a litany of "blah blah blah, my hair, my face, wrinkles around my eyes, and more blah, blah, blah."   He looked at me with his bemused smile and said "That’s all good, you are a velveteen rabbit, it’s what life is meant to be, to use us up before …Read More

  4. Leadership and Early Adapters

    The following video has gone viral and is lots of fun to watch. It teaches some good lessons about the “first follower” as a leader. These early adapters are visionaries in their own right, and help make a movement happen.   In the video, we are talking about dancing at the beach: lots of fun and freedom and spontaneity. I would like to present a question and would love responses from all who…Read More

  5. Cultural Sensitivity

      As I was writing my Elegant Leadership blog about the poor choice of language from Michael Steele, of the Republican Party, I was reminded of a powerful scenario from a Leadership in Action program I led years ago.   There was a group of 24 business people from various organizations who gathered together for a week to understand leadership capabilities from an experiential perspective.   My h…Read More

  6. Relationship Complexities at Work, Home, and in the Bedroom

    We can thank Tiger Woods, John Edwards, and all the other guys who have been looking for love in all the wrong places. Or, have they?   Relationships are the most complex, most confusing, and most important part of what it means to be a human being. I am hoping that we have finally hit the wall looking at relationships through a superficial, selfish lens. Perhaps we can begin to look at what real…Read More

  7. Elegant Leadership

      I am so delighted to introduce you to my new blog “Elegant Leadership” that will be posted at http://blog.ceoptions.com/ after the New Year. Since I love to write I will have a more personal blog at www.sylvialafair.com to include thoughts and ideas about relationships, health, and education, as well as business.   Elegant Leadership will include all my newest research concerning leadershi…Read More

  8. Tiger Woods: Helping Us Connect Our Original Organization With Our Work Organization

      Tiger Woods’ stories are touching almost every aspect of life in organizations today. Does he owe anything to the golfing community where he is seen as a CEO of sorts? Does he owe anything to his previously adoring public? Of course he owes much to his family, not just wife and children. What about his mother, and mother-in-law who fainted, assumingly from the stress, last week?   One area t…Read More

  9. Leadership Transgressions

      Are leaders measured by different standards than the rest of us? If not, they should be! They are the ones who set the standards of what matters at work, or in society, and if they are in the “Follow me, I know the best way to go” mode, then we really need to ask and understand what and why we should follow.   It is time to evaluate our teachers, our politicians, our gurus by standards tha…Read More

  10. Leading and Telling

    What happens when you feel the world is closing in and you just have nothing left to give? What do you do when the tensions and stress of daily life seem to escalate rather than subside? What happens when you feel like you are driving on empty?   Most of us retreat. We find a way to avoid difficult situations and zone out by watching T.V. or starting a big fat book filled with Sudoku challenges. …Read More

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