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  1. Leadership Development, Ego Stroking, “Atta Boy’s”, and Truth Telling

    I stood at the back of a fast food restaurant waiting for my colleague to get his coffee so we could sit in the summer weather when it isn’t even spring. My mind was in that "Thank God It's Friday" mode when suddenly I found my ears circling around to eavesdrop on two employees. “I see you have your stupid smiling face on the wall as the employee of the month”. “Yeah, it’s such a bunch o…Read More

  2. Well, It’s Wednesday.

      Well, It's Wedneday. "So what", you say? Or "UGGGG", you say. Or "no biggie."   For most of us geared to a 5 day work week this day is often a killer. It just seems longer than the rest of the week, like they (whomever 'they' are) have magically added an extra 48 looooooong hours to the time.   And, this week to make it worse, at least on the east coast, it's like a typical dreary winter day.…Read More

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