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  1. Tomorrow’s Leaders are Artists

    There is a revolution under way that cannot be stopped.Axelle Tessandier says it better than I have seen in a long time. Please take the time to read and digest it. Alain de Botton recently tweeted something that really hit home: "So normal to want a better life: so unusual to set out to be a better person." I feel that this distortion can be felt at a collective level as well. The crises in our …Read More

  2. The Whole Enchilada

    This is a country founded on freedom of speech. Often it seems to go too far in disrespect, even wanting to destroy the credibility of others (just watch the Presidential campaign)! However, the peaceful protest at the Rose Parade brings in a dimension that has excellent possibilities for healthy change in our society. I’d love to hear your comments to my comment at the end of the HuffPost artic…Read More

  3. Leadership Development: Breaking the Mold with Giants and Glee

      San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy refers to his team, now getting ready for the World Series as a “bunch of misfits.” Huh? They played super ball in their series against the Phillies. Misfits?   Switch to Glee, the hit TV show that is capturing the minds and hearts of our nation; the story of a high school singing club full of misfits. These kids get along best with each other, havi…Read More

  4. Workplace Conflict, Men, Women, and the Family

      Yesterday I talked about the tension at work where men are searching for ways to navigate that tough middle road between being a great employee or business owner and a father who is present for his children.   I saw this dilemma first hand at an off-site with a national sales group. Picture the scene: the team of 22 from a sales organization was at The Country Place Retreat Center to have some…Read More

  5. Well, It’s Wednesday.

      Well, It's Wedneday. "So what", you say? Or "UGGGG", you say. Or "no biggie."   For most of us geared to a 5 day work week this day is often a killer. It just seems longer than the rest of the week, like they (whomever 'they' are) have magically added an extra 48 looooooong hours to the time.   And, this week to make it worse, at least on the east coast, it's like a typical dreary winter day.…Read More

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