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  1. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Knowledge of human relationships no longer belongs only to the psychology crowd. It belongs to all of us. Every leader or emerging leader in today’s workplace needs to look below the surface and answer the age old question when someone shoots himself in the foot “Why did he just do what he did?” We need to know why she just put her foot in her mouth. Why they have “egg” on their faces. I…Read More

  2. Leadership Training: Work is NOT a Rehab Facility

    When you have a lazy employee, one who has excuses for everything, who acts like a victim when you point out work not done that needs to be done and all they do is make excuses; then what? I am asked all the time in my coaching sessions, “When do you finally let someone go”? Let’s go back to yesterday and the employee who could not get work done because the cat was sick. The first thing you …Read More

  3. Leadership Development: Breaking the Mold with Giants and Glee

      San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy refers to his team, now getting ready for the World Series as a “bunch of misfits.” Huh? They played super ball in their series against the Phillies. Misfits?   Switch to Glee, the hit TV show that is capturing the minds and hearts of our nation; the story of a high school singing club full of misfits. These kids get along best with each other, havi…Read More

  4. Workplace Conflict, Men, Women, and the Family

      Yesterday I talked about the tension at work where men are searching for ways to navigate that tough middle road between being a great employee or business owner and a father who is present for his children.   I saw this dilemma first hand at an off-site with a national sales group. Picture the scene: the team of 22 from a sales organization was at The Country Place Retreat Center to have some…Read More

  5. Leadership and The Velveteen Rabbit

      Anyone remember this really cool kids book? It came to mind yesterday when I was tired and felt "used up." I complained to Herb, my husband with a litany of "blah blah blah, my hair, my face, wrinkles around my eyes, and more blah, blah, blah."   He looked at me with his bemused smile and said "That’s all good, you are a velveteen rabbit, it’s what life is meant to be, to use us up before …Read More

  6. The Compass of Leadership

    What happens when as leaders we get stuck in our own stuff, when we have lost our own way? Where do we turn? How do we ask for help? After all leaders lead, they don’t follow!   The best time for growth is when we find ourselves in a pile of manure, and I agree with that concept. Actually growth and change do seem to come more effectively when we have been put in difficult situations more than …Read More

  7. Coca-Cola Faces Anger

    Coca-Cola Faces Anger From Shareholders About Use of BPA in Cans [UPDATE] BY Dan Nosowitz Today Bisphenol-A, commonly called BPA, is a chemical used in many plastics that in recent years has been found capable of leaching into liquids when used in liquid containers like plastic bottles. It has also been the subject of large-scale recalls, since the FDA discovered it could cause all sorts of medic…Read More

  8. Creative Tension and Team Bickering

    Why is it so hard for all of us to get along? Why do we so often resemble the little kids in the school playground, either grabbing for what we want or sulking in the corner waiting for the teacher to save us?   There is fascinating research about how behavior patterns are locked in our nervous system and how they come out to haunt us when we are stressed. It is time for us to “practice safe st…Read More

  9. Stretch Goals and Human Relationships

    There was an excellent article by renowned leadership expert Michael Maccoby in the Washington Post  about the upside and downside of “stretch goals”.   The Olympics, a perfect example of watching individuals and teams push themselves, motivated by the desire to achieve greatness. What Maccoby suggested is that we need to look at the fine line between going toward a vision that is possible a…Read More

  10. Real Leaders Practice Safe Stress ™

      Stress and anxiety have been at the boiling point for the last year, and depending where you live, the weather has been the proverbial icing on the cake.   As a leader in a company, your health is vital to keep the engines of your business revved and going smoothly. Sadly, when stress hits the hot button, most of us forget about eating right, sleeping soundly and exercising regularly.   More…Read More

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