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  1. Sisterhood-at-sunset

    Powerful and GUTSY

    I have a birth to announce. Beautiful babies come in various packages. Some in the warm skin of an infant son or daughter. Others as works of art, music, photography, dance, the written word. Joan Scharff just gave birth to a wonderful book of poems and pictures. I met her several years ago when she was at our GUTSY Women weekend. Then a year later she completed our flagship Total Leadership Conn…Read More

  2. Wind Surfing Santa

    Happy Holidays, Happy YOU

    I just came home from shopping for the last minute gifts for my family. Was it fun? Well, some of it was and some of it was rather annoying. I took time to observe my reactions to the good moments and the sour ones. Then I found some research that aligned with my feelings and I decided to share this now, while we are still in the throes of holiday fever. At least till after the New Year’s bells…Read More

  3. UnitedStates_VeteransDay2013_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_2560

    Honoring Our Veterans: Each In Our Own Way

    I sat in silence listening to the stories of battered trucks driving down dirt roads and blowing up just a hairs breath from soldiers on duty. I heard about the pain, angst and often guilt that is part of physically fighting someone into submission or fear being killed. The vets all said, in their own way, “war is hell.” While I know our soldiers have risked life and limb to keep us safe, I w…Read More

  4. Turkeys and Eagles

    Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was not all that thrilled having the Bald Eagle as our national symbol? He much preferred…TADA…the Turkey!! So as you are celebrating this day of Thanksgiving think about the noble bird that could have been on our currency instead of on the table!!! (more…)…Read More

  5. Here is the Elixir for Workplace Doldrums

    Hey the holidays are right around the corner? How do I know? Cause the media is telling us to get ready for snow and shopping. We are being enticed to think turkey, eggnog, and lots of presents. So what happens at work? Is your workplace gearing up or slowing down? (more…)…Read More

  6. Missed the fireworks by a day

    We were there on Friday. Yup. We were at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Even had lunch at The Volcano House. We stood at the steam vents (great for a facial) and went as far as we could go to get some “hot” pictures of Kilauea and the lava flow. Missed the big show by one day. Bummer. So here are spectacular photos of the volcano and the red hot lava. Click here for images of Kilauea. By …Read More

  7. Leadership and kindness

    Are you tired from all the bully boss blogs? Tired of all the negativity and “gotcha game” complaints that go from co-worker to co-worker? Do you play in the CYA arena and get stocked with all the gossip at work? The month of December is the most gossipy month of the year. Office parties often lead to smirky comments about partners, clothes, and crappy surprise gifts (the ones that no one is t…Read More

  8. “HMD” to All Women and Men Who Have Birthed Anything

      A female executive I am coaching called me very early this morning and complained about how hard Sunday would be for her. My response was not super professional; all I said was "Huh?"   She then launched into a soliloquy about the fact that she had made a conscious decision not to have children and every Mother’s Day she had tons of people who would look at her with sad expressions and eithe…Read More

  9. The Boy Who Became St. Patrick

    I’ll bet you see more people of every denomination wearing a bit of green today. Well, maybe the same color will be well represented on Earth Day. In any case, St. Patrick’s Day is known for parades, beer and lots of fun.   I did some research to find out who is the man behind the myth and there are quite a few interesting facts. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by a band of pirates from his…Read More

  10. Valentines for Moms

      An important part of what we teach in our Total Leadership Connections Program is that it is an illusion to think we can separate who we are at home from who we are at work. That split causes a multitude of emotional and even physical issues for lots of people.   Even more, we teach that what we do in our present work organization is most definitely based on what we learned in our original org…Read More

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