Don’t Believe the Hype…There’s No Snake Oil Remedy for Success

CEOptions BlogDid you ever look at someone who seems to have it all and begin to shrink yourself down to the size of a pea, feeling worthless?

Do you ever listen to someone who has the answers, I mean the real answers, to health, wealth, and relationships, and feel like a dummy…really less than?

Have you ever felt depressed meeting someone who is taller, thinner, better dressed and felt like a loser, never being good enough?

Look, there’s always a back story and without knowing the underbelly of someone’s life, it’s so easy to put yourself at the back of the pack.

We all do it, or at least those of us who are honest and searching for truth.  Sometimes, we wonder if we are failing, while others are jogging up that mountain of success without missing a beat.

I just had that happen today and it was like a whack on the side of the head, a wake-up call, to be careful not to buy into what looks good on the outside, without checking further.

Snake oil for sale…careful!

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Is it Good Luck or Bad Luck? You Decide!

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We all give into superstitions when the day becomes dark. We say things to make ourselves feel better.  We really do create stories about good luck and bad luck.  Much like the following:

Now, what I’m going to say is really not that big a deal.  Except, it was a really big deal when it happened.

We put an offer on a house in Northern California, which I must say, is like the 1800’s land grab.

Nothing stays on the market very long and if something is super great, well, it is gone in days.  Not only gone in days, but above the asking price.  Bidding wars all over the place.  It’s crazy.

Notice the house in the image to the left.  That’s about what you get for the price.  Kinda depressing!

Anyway, we found the perfect home.  No, not the one above!  I mean perfect.  Out of town, in nature. Like Goldilocks, it was not too small, not too big.  Just right.

It had been on the market for one day.  We were first to see it the next day.

Did I say it was not too small, not too big, just right?  So, we had to scurry to put a bid in.  We were second.  Then we waited.

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Intuition, Science and Truth-Telling Form a Powerful Trio in the Workplace

Business Team

This is about how to rid yourself of a toxic employee or boss.

Did you ever have an employee who scored high on those personality tests that determine if they would make a good fit for your organization?

How about sitting in an interview and ‘just knowing’ this is the absolutely, positively, right person for the job?

Or, you are being interviewed and enthralled by the possibility of working for this most amazing boss.

And then something happens…

There is a disconnect between what looked good on paper (and even in your heart and mind) and what is really happening day-to-day.

“What the heck happened?” you ask yourself.

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Free to Be You and Me…Are We There Yet?

CEOptions BlogWay back, almost 45 years ago, there was a record album (yes, that’s what we had back then) for kids.  It was the brainchild of actress Marlo Thomas.  A gift, so she thought, for her niece who was 4 years old and exploring what it meant to be a little girl.

Helping one person became a cultural phenomenon.

Marlo, frustrated because of all the gender specific books that had boys as pilots and girls as stewardesses, and so on, began the project of putting together songs that gave kids the novel idea they could be whatever they wanted.

Girls can grow up to be mommies and doctors; boys can play with dolls.

Children, at home and in school, were encouraged to think of themselves as unique and create their own amazing stories to tell.

How far have we come?

It’s better – yet, we still have a long way to go.

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Father’s Day Gift Suggestions (Hint: Not a Necktie!)


Every Father’s Day, I bet just about everyone thinks about their dad. Some with warm feelings, others with hurt and anger, others wondering who the man is, or where he is.

My story is a tough one to discuss; however, over the years, I’ve learned that talking is better than ignoring and stuffing things way down under.

You see, I killed my father.

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Ask Questions and Beware of Hyphens!

  • CEOptions
  • May 9, 2017

There’s a great story that has not been validated; however, it’s still a great story about checking up on what’s going on around you.

Back in the day of Queen Catherine the Great, everyone did what she wanted.  Guess that’s why she was called “the Great!”

As legend would have it, this longest ruling female leader would get her way, no matter what.

There had been a hard winter in Russia and one morning Queen Catherine was standing at the window looking at the vast cold terrain and saw the first spring flower pushing through the snow.  It could have been a daffodil or a snowdrop flower.  In any case, she wanted to enjoy this miracle of nature and posted a guard right there, so no one could pick or step on this beauty.

Fast forward to decades later when Alexander II was the Czar in the mid 1800’s.  One day, he looked out of that same palace window and saw a soldier standing at attention on the lawn.  Nothing was there as far as he could see and asked Otto van Bismarck what the soldier was doing there.

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Start Being Your Best at Work Today

Be Your Best At Work - CEOptions Can Help!Let Dr. Transformation Help You Be Your Best!

Dr. Sylvia Lafair, CEO of Creative Energy Options, aka “Dr. Transformation,” wants to help you be your best at work! 

Dr. Lafair, along with CEOptions’ panel of Certified Pattern Breakthrough coaches and consultants, can help pinpoint exactly what behaviors are getting in your way and what you can do to help accelerate your success.  

Listen to Dr. Lafair here as she speaks via podcast with Annie Jennings of EliteWire online magazine to get a glimpse into how you can get started.  Also, take advantage of Dr. Lafair’s special offer and start being your best at work TODAY!

Want more useful information about leadership? Get Dr. Lafair’s weekly newsletter!

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Restless Patterns

By Frank Walsh | CEOptions Certified Pattern Breakthrough Coach

It’s not you, it’s me… Well it’s also you, but with some guidance I have seen how the patterns of my past influenced our relationship.

I started to feel it in my mid 40’s. Things were different. I had evolved, you had changed. You didn’t make me happy anymore and I started to hate you for it. Still, we had been through a lot, so I didn’t want to quit. I felt I could fix things. I believed you had so much to learn from me if you would just accept it.

By 50 it was all over except the tears. I only saw you as irrational, controlling and heartless. But I know you were just doing what comes naturally, and I was playing my roll of the Rebel. I couldn’t fix you, so I would watch you destroy yourself with smug satisfaction, except that it wasn’t satisfying, it was saddening.

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Leadership Lessons: How Listening Changes Your Responses

Hearing and listening are related. Similar yet very different. We hear loud sounds, the wind, someone laughing or yelling. And then what? We just get on with our day.

Listening, ah, another story entirely.

Were you ever told to “listen up” when you were a kid? Did someone ever say “Hey, will you just shut up and listen?”

Big question: Were you ever taught to listen?

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Guess Who’s Coming To Breakfast, Lunch and Maybe Even Dinner

Is your company going through a growth spurt? Need more good people to participate in your exciting endeavors? Want to fill the shoes of those who have moved up with those ready to move up?

Warning: Don’t overlook those seated before you.

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