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  1. Leadership and Early Adapters

    The following video has gone viral and is lots of fun to watch. It teaches some good lessons about the “first follower” as a leader. These early adapters are visionaries in their own right, and help make a movement happen.   In the video, we are talking about dancing at the beach: lots of fun and freedom and spontaneity. I would like to present a question and would love responses from all who…Read More

  2. Elegant Leadership

      I am so delighted to introduce you to my new blog “Elegant Leadership” that will be posted at http://blog.ceoptions.com/ after the New Year. Since I love to write I will have a more personal blog at www.sylvialafair.com to include thoughts and ideas about relationships, health, and education, as well as business.   Elegant Leadership will include all my newest research concerning leadershi…Read More

  3. Leadership Transgressions

      Are leaders measured by different standards than the rest of us? If not, they should be! They are the ones who set the standards of what matters at work, or in society, and if they are in the “Follow me, I know the best way to go” mode, then we really need to ask and understand what and why we should follow.   It is time to evaluate our teachers, our politicians, our gurus by standards tha…Read More

  4. The Tiger and the Truth

      Lots of buzz about Tiger Woods and a party girl is coming to the surface after the car crash on Thanksgiving. What does it mean to you and to me? Does it really matter if he is having an affair? Does it matter that he won’t talk to the police? Does it matter that Nike is standing by their guy?    All of this will swirl for a week or two and then fall into that mysterious void where old stor…Read More

  5. Leadership and Radical Transparency

    I am one who tracks patterns rather than tornadoes. Actually they are not that different. One is a force of nature that can be traced and has many attributes that are predictable. It can be called the perfect storm. Behavior patterns also can be traced and if one looks closely there are predictable aspects that also cause perfect storms. Recently I was talking with a colleague about how bad behavi…Read More

  6. Leadership Strategies and Emotional Mountains

    There are many of us who learned as children to rant and rave, to make mountains out of molehills, to cry or stomp our feet to get attention. Or, maybe it was not always about wanting attention. Often, in a family the drama queen or king, the persecutor, the super achiever and the martyr are playing their role to keep peace in the family by turning the spotlight front and center on themselves. In…Read More

  7. Turning “Eh” to “Aha”

    When my book “Don’t Bring It to Work” began its journey in March I had no idea how it would be received or if it would be seen as “beautiful”. You know how it is with kids, you just hope and pray and love them, and you never know.   So when friends and family told me it was “wonderful” I thanked them and waited for the neighbors to check in. Also, great comments of appreciation. The…Read More

  8. Kobe Bryant: From Super Achiever to Creative Collaborator

    Watching the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship took my mind back to super star Kobe Bryant’s early career. His family was from my home town of Philadelphia and his father also played in the NBA and coached at La Salle University when Kobe went to Lower Merion High. I always find it interesting observing children who stand on the shoulders of parents in a similar career.   Kobe, in his…Read More

  9. Extreme Makeover

    Question: What happens when you play a country song backwards? Easy, the guy gets his girl back, car back, and job back. Moral: Do it differently and you may be happily surprised with the outcome.   That’s what Pattern Pioneers do. Dare to do it differently. Look at how you respond to life’s challenges. Okay, got one or two you can focus on? Now, take a deep breath and for starters, do the op…Read More

  10. Hungry Baby Syndrome

    If you are a boss or in a leadership position at work please note that the anxiety from this economic downturn puts you in a difficult position with employees. The emotional aspect of economically induced stress needs to be understood. Whether the fear is real or imagined, it can impact you. Here is what happens. A boss is an authority figure, much like a parent. In our business programs we cautio…Read More

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