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  1. Avoiding Leadership Responsibilities; More than a One Night Stand

    There is a very interesting article in the Washington Post about Mark Sanford regarding moral principles and leadership that really made me think and here is my response: Are we asking the right questions? At this time it needs to be more than "Did Sanford stray"? It is important to look beyond one incident and address long term behavior patterns to find what a person is really made of. In Sanfor…Read More

  2. Are You Imitating Me?

    I admit it.  I became addicted to “The Celebrity Apprentice”! It happened when I was surfing for something “mindless’ weeks ago and landed smack in the middle of office politics circa Donald Trump. Joan River’s daughter was fired and had a hissy fit as she was leaving the building only to have her mother follow right behind. Whether staged or real, I was hooked!   Breathless, I tuned …Read More

  3. “Laughing at our Stress”

    Watching Jon Stewart on The Daily Show several nights ago I was struck with his capacity as a humorist. He took fear about the swine flu outbreak and brought it to a universal level. First, he talked about himself, how grateful he was to get outside and exercise on a beautiful Sunday and his relief over a slight upswing in our down economy. Then how the news of a potential pandemic had him look up…Read More

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