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  1. Prince Charming

    Spotting the Big Difference between Charming and Sincere

    We live in a time of sizzle and dazzle, quips and giggles. It’s not a time to do deep dives into any subject. How do I know? I’ve fool-hardheartedly been following the Presidential election soaps on television and twitter. I’ve been wondering why and when we turned from substance to slander and superficiality. I want someone to blame. I want something to blame. Ah, technology did it. Or may…Read More

  2. Women Leaders: We Do NOT have More Time to be Silent

    Rachel Carson who wrote a book of major importance “The Silent Spring” was a GUTSY woman who spoke out about the level of toxins in our world 50 years ago. Those numbers are higher and the risk more deadly. Someone recently commented that with all the toxins in the world we are living longer so why worry. Interesting point of view. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of Carson’s book. It is a…Read More

  3. GUTSY Women and Attachment Parenting

    Time magazine May issue started a major brouhaha that is hopefully the beginning of a great dialogue about what it means to be a parent and what children really want and need. For me, the photo of the mother and three year old son at his mother’s breast brought up the controversy from decades ago about nursing moms. I was a “thoroughly modern Millie” who, along with most of my peers, saw nur…Read More

  4. GUTSY Leadership: Butterflies in Your Belly

    When I met Livia Genova-Pagano at an eWomen’s networking event in suburban Philadelphia I was struck by her strong and assured presence. I saw the word GUTSY written in the middle of her forehead. When we talked I saw how perfectly positioned she was for life to take her on a fast and fun ride to high level leadership. Her delight with her company was effervescent, she bubbled and sparkled. We t…Read More

  5. Can Bullying be Passive Aggressive?

    She smiled sweetly and said she understood what was needed for the product in her territory to sell better. She wrote down what was said in the sales meeting. She had a list of places to call and people to meet. Yet nothing happened. Her boss had stomach aches and sleepless nights. He would fall asleep with the memory of that sweet smile and the promises of success. He was at an impasse. When he f…Read More

  6. Workplace Conflict, Men, Women, and the Family

      Yesterday I talked about the tension at work where men are searching for ways to navigate that tough middle road between being a great employee or business owner and a father who is present for his children.   I saw this dilemma first hand at an off-site with a national sales group. Picture the scene: the team of 22 from a sales organization was at The Country Place Retreat Center to have some…Read More

  7. Leadership and The Velveteen Rabbit

      Anyone remember this really cool kids book? It came to mind yesterday when I was tired and felt "used up." I complained to Herb, my husband with a litany of "blah blah blah, my hair, my face, wrinkles around my eyes, and more blah, blah, blah."   He looked at me with his bemused smile and said "That’s all good, you are a velveteen rabbit, it’s what life is meant to be, to use us up before …Read More

  8. Tiger and The Truth

    How much information is enough? Tiger Woods has been giving some interviews as he gets ready to restart his golf engine. Image via Wikipedia   I have worked with several “celebrities” and know the tests and challenges they face are made worse by the glare of the public. Are they so different from you and me? Are their problems more complex, vaster, and more interesting than the ones you and I…Read More

  9. The Boy Who Became St. Patrick

    I’ll bet you see more people of every denomination wearing a bit of green today. Well, maybe the same color will be well represented on Earth Day. In any case, St. Patrick’s Day is known for parades, beer and lots of fun.   I did some research to find out who is the man behind the myth and there are quite a few interesting facts. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped by a band of pirates from his…Read More

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