1. alive0446

    Ain’t It Good to Be Alive

    Last weekend we trekked to Manhattan for the season premiere of ALIVE: 55+ and Kicking. And what a day it was. Just being in the presence of the executive producer, Vy Higginsen would have been enough. However, the day brought so much that I simply want to stand up and applaud the entire cast and the brilliance of an idea so needed in our world today. Vi took the microphone before the start of the…Read More

  2. True Leaders Know How to Deal with the Office Jerk

    How many times have we been on our way to work dreading that we might bump into the office jerk? You know, that one person that makes you cringe every time you have to walk by their cubicle or office, knowing if they spot you they’re going to invade your space or act offensively. We’ve all had to deal with that person! This type of personality is in every office across the world. Every…Read More

  3. Finding the Truth: My Boss is NOT My Father

    Yesterday we left Jon ready to talk with his boss about the pressure to be “the best.” Growing up in a family where the pressure started when he was still in diapers to be the first one potty trained and first to score a goal on a kids’ soccer team and first with everything you could imagine, was way too much pressure. He ran to drugs as a way out. Didn’t fill the empty hole where he was a…Read More

  4. YIKES, Work is REALLY like My Family!

    Jon told me the following story. He grew up in a fast paced family with a father who was a mover and shaker in the community. Jon was the only son in the middle between two sisters. His father started to mold him (Jon) in his image from the time he was potty trained. In fact, his father would proudly say that his son was the youngest in the entire neighborhood to be out of diapers by the time he w…Read More

  5. Leadership Development: Inner Critics and Outer Critics

    There are some amazing quotes from GUTSY and Powerful women leaders that really make us think. Here is one from Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post. “We may not be able to tune our inner critics out entirely, but we don’t have to let them run the show.” Here is the BIG question. Were inner critics always once outer critics? Where do these inner critics co…Read More

  6. Extraordinary Bosses as Explorers

    “What if” is a great way to find the newest and best way to sell a product. “What if” is how the best and the brightest get things done in a unique way. Are you an explorer? Are you willing to stand at the edge of the cliff and find a way to get across that has never been done before? An extraordinary boss will be part of the first team to work on something new. They do not retreat t…Read More

  7. The Extraordinary Humor or Extraordinary Bosses

    You know what a “groaner” is? It is what you do when someone in a meeting tells a very bad joke at a very inappropriate moment. Everyone rolls their eyes and it takes time to get back to the issue at hand. Did you ever wonder why the “clown” did not read the group and keep his or her mouth shut? Why do they seem to act silly or stupid at just the moment when there may have been a grea…Read More

  8. Will You Stay, Suffer or Leave a Bully Boss?

    Did you ever work for someone who points their finger at you like they want to poke out your eyes? Did you, or maybe YOU DO, work for someone who is always telling you what is not working and rarely acknowledges what is working? Have you ever reported to someone whose negativity is like a cloud over every sunny day? Welcome to the world of the persecutor/bully boss. There seems to be so many of…Read More

  9. How Fast Will a Tree Grow?

    Leaders will not transform in a single day. It takes time and effort and learning from mistakes. Why are we in so much of a hurry rushing to the finish line without the discipline of seeking excellence? Are we aware that we may be losing the race as leaders by trying to transform in a single day? So what does that have to do with leadership development and management training? Think of it this …Read More

  10. Repeating the Same Mistakes Over and Over and Over?

    Think about your business. What do you keep repeating hoping it will turn out better this time? Do you ever feel “duped” by a colleague or even a customer? Do you keep knocking your head against the wall saying “I can’t believe this happened again?” Ever wonder why you keep doing the same things over and over and over and …well you get the idea? Einstein once d…Read More