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While we are all still sorting through the ups and downs of the economy, hearing that the recession is over, yet, the unemployment rate is higher, makes us all feel bi-polar. The question is who and what to believe.


So when you begin to feel both positive and doubtful at the same time, what do you do? I just hung up the phone, yes it is still so good to hear a real voice in a real conversation, and it was a new person who had been referred for our coaching services.


When I asked what was the push that sent him to the phone to call his reply was interesting. Here is what he said, “I have been hiding under my covers for the past three days and decided it was time to start facing what I was hiding from.”


By the time we finished the initial interview we were in agreement that he could benefit from weekly coaching sessions, at least until he could get out of bed in the morning and not rush to retreat and pull the covers high over his head.


Was he really hiding under the covers or was it just a metaphor? It doesn’t matter. What this man is really saying is that he is an avoider and would rather find a way to do anything but face the situation at hand.


Coaching will help him look at the reasons why he resists conflict and find the answers on how to change the avoider behavior pattern to its healthy opposite, the initiator.


Stay tuned to learn what he does to make deep and sustainable change over the next few months.

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