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The Elephant in the [Conference/Board/Work] Room

It’s time to shed the light-of-day on Corporate America’s high-risk, P&L piercing, innovation squashers: mediocre leadership, managerial UNintelligence, dwindling trust, misalignment, dysfunctional non-teams, failed initiatives, unachieved goals, stale endeavors, and lost possibility. Ouch, unrealized potential stings; so too does the piercing hiss of The Bottom Line’s downward slope.  Together with the support of the esteemed Dr. Sylvia LaFair, renowned workplace Master Personality Hacker and best-selling author of (Deb’s all time favorite business book) Don’t Bring it To Work, HROIC’s community will address the enormous orange elephant in the room.  Yes, HROIC’s orange mascot Ellie is the lingering beast hiding in plain-sight, patiently waiting to be noticed, addressed and resolved. Not many want or have the courage to turn on the light and observe without judgment what Ellie has to share about the workplace epidemic spreading throughout the nation: Litigationitis. Ground zero is California, but this lethal workplace affliction is highly contagious, preventable, and disheartening when not prevented or stopped.  Get your immunizations by gaining knowledge and power through HROIC’s community and by learning from experts, colleagues and Masters!  Don’t run your business, career or HR practice in fear of litigation or equal opportunity jerks who cause of expensive litigation!   Earn a legacy of candid and compassionate communication with coworkers. HROIC Employer Members are brave, tackling courageously endless opportunities to skip the ‘duck-and-hide’ and instead be the Change Agent it’ll take to move their organization’s dial from toxic to vision, mission, values, and professionally-brand centric culture.   Mastery.Autonomy.Purpose. or MAP is the name of today’s management game. Tough to pull off if employees are not aligned, and leaders fail to mentor, coach, and/or allow for learning and career growth.

This webinar shows you how to recognize the deeper causes of interpersonal conflict. It emphasizes skills to help you critically evaluate explosive situations and choose the appropriate strategies and tools to manage and/or resolve these conflicts. You will develop greater awareness of what pushes your buttons and how to control your reactions. You will also be able to assist your direct reports in looking at their own triggers for upset and coach them in behaving in more productive ways.


* Recognize the difference between a situational disagreement and interpersonal conflict
* Recognize the difference between listening for facts and listening for emotional content
* Identify the 13 personality patterns that can disrupt productivity at work
* Develop a set of open ended questions that can short-cut tension




1:00 pm - 2:00 pm