Road Map to Working Together

When I was a kid I would hear my father complain about work. Night after night he would tell my mother about the conflicts, the disappointments, and the office politics.

I could not make sense out of this and said “Daddy, if work is not fun, why do you go there?” and his response was, “Honey, that is what you do when you are a grown-up.” I grew up wondering why there is so much complaining at work.

A new Gallup Research Poll indicates that 78% of all people in organizations, 
in any type of organization, are not happy at work.

As an adult I became obsessed with finding the answers to why work is not a happier place.

What I realized is that we were looking in all the wrong places. And when I found the right place it was like finding the elixir that could have made my father’s career a more positive one.

You see, he died suddenly of a heart attack when I was fourteen. He came home from work one night and said to my mother “I’m done.” And the next day we were planning his funeral.

I have dedicated my life to helping people who work together find the solution to working together and that is at the core of our business consulting model.

Ours is a new kind of business consulting that gives people the tools 
for decoding conflict faster and smarter.

We address the 13 most common behavior patterns that we bring from our original organization, the family into our present organization. Once you learn this leadership consulting process to observe, understand and transform the patterns that cause the tensions and conflict at work…viola! Working together really works.

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