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Winner of’s Leadership 500 Excellence Award for Leadership Programs 6 straight years

We have uncovered the fastest and most direct route to get individuals at work to work together. For 30+ years, Creative Energy Options, Inc (CEO, Inc) has been at the forefront of helping leaders unleash the hidden aspects of human relationships at work. What we found is so powerful, it changes how we communicate and collaborate.

The secret is OUT.

It has been right in front of us, but we were all looking in the wrong places. What we needed was to glance in the rear-view mirror to understand and enhance communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and how to deal with office politics.

It was in the rear-view mirror all the time.

Our award winning programs in executive leadership education have impacted large organizations, family firms, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Today, we continue to offer a wide variety of off-sites and leadership seminars that are thought-provoking, engaging, and innovative. The newest concepts include:

What we learned in our original organization: the family
 is what we bring to our adult work organization.

We have developed a powerful yet simple process that is being used globally to aid leaders in observing the outdated behavior patterns that show up when stress hits the hot button. Our leadership skills training offers tools and techniques to make the work environment less combative and more authentic.

When stress hits the hot button we all tend to revert 
to behaviors that kept us safe as kids but are not 
effective for us as adults.

The following program has been utilized by several thousand individuals from a variety of companies throughout the world for leadership development.

Total Leadership Connections: A Four Session Off-Site Program

This program offers the answer to the question that keeps so many leaders up at night: “How can you get to the bottom of workplace behaviors that simply don’t work for you, don’t work for your organization, and waste time and resources?”

No longer is the older model of top down control effective in a multi-generational, multi-cultural workplace. Authenticity is in, and the creation of a trusting work environment requires leaders to understand the psychology of the workplace.

This endeavor for understanding requires skill development in both emotional and social intelligence.

Total Leadership Connections has found the missing aspects of workplace relationships and has taught thousands of leaders to look at the hidden components of communication and better collaboration.

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