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Winner of HR.com’s Leadership 500 Excellence Award for Leadership Programs 6 straight years

Seven magical words will unleash your potential in business—and in life:

Clear your past to free your future.

That’s it.

If you can clear your past, you will free your future—and it changes everything. Everything.

The benefits are big: you will avoid pain and loss—and you will reach unimaginable heights in your personal life and your career. Your established patterns are driving your decisions. And, the quality of your decisions determines the quality of your life. To avoid pain and loss you must recognize and change outdated patterns. Period.

Our award-winning coaching, leadership and team programs will help you do that. Our work grew from a genuine desire to help you learn about your patterns so you can be free. In doing so, you will become part of the next generation of clear, compassionate and effective leaders. Now.

Just this month, our founder Dr. Lafair was named one of the 30 Top Global Leadership Gurus of 2016.

For 30+ years, Creative Energy Options, Inc (CEO, Inc) has been at the forefront of helping leaders unleash the hidden aspects of human relationships at work through our leadership skills training.

Total Leadership Connections: A Breakthrough Four-Session Off-Site Program

The business landscape is changing rapidly, and if we don’t change with it, we will be left behind. Today’s multi-generational, multi-cultural workplaces no longer have room for the older model of top down control. Employees want authenticity, and the creation of a comfortable, trustworthy work space requires leaders such as yourself to understand the psychology of the workplace and your employees.

Total Leadership Connections has found the missing aspects of workplace relationships and has taught thousands of leaders to look at the hidden components of communication and better collaboration.

Take action now. Your career, and your company, depend on it.

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