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  1. Let Freedom In

    Think about when you learned about freedom and the meaning of independence. How old were you? Who encouraged you? Was it an easy passing of the baton or a tug of war? Each of us accepts or rejects the idea of freedom based on how we are given or have to grab what we want and need. There are a myriad of images surrounding Independence Day. I remember when I was thirteen and let my mother know I wou…Read More

  2. Miracles and Management Development

    What happens when a family business is turned over to the sixth generation? Sometimes it takes a miracle going beyond leadership development, management courses, or business training. It takes tenacity, focus, and a huge dose of believing.   In the week-end edition of USA Today (June 12-14) I was struck by an article confirming what we all know, small businesses have been hard-hit by the economy.…Read More

  3. The Art and Craft of Leadership Coaching

    Jim Collins in his oft-quoted book "Good to Great" has leaders make sure that those on the bus are also in the right seats. Sage advice. Then it is time for the action to start in earnest.   It is the interactions of these folks that lead to results-oriented processes and organizational innovation. The big question is "How do you track the interactions of individuals as they work together"?   T…Read More

  4. The Shadow Side Shows Up

    How many more “family values” based politicians will make the news about affairs this season? It is interesting that the latest, Governor Sanford had his press “mea culpa” conference sans wife by his side. He needs to do this alone and it will be interesting to see what he can learn from his philandering.   The news around him is familiar. The talk shows have experts tell why he did what …Read More

  5. The Legacy of Michael Jackson: For His Children

    My first thought hearing of Michael Jackson’s sudden and untimely death was “What about his children”? I know the shock of losing a parent suddenly. My father died of a heart attack when I was fourteen. One evening my parents went to dinner and a movie. The next day we were planning a funeral. There were no headlines surrounding our family. We mourned quietly.   Not so for the children of …Read More

  6. 4 Tips to Unlock Leadership Potential

    The debate over born or bred leaders is always one of interest. The answer is yes and yes. Many are born into families that encourage self-awareness and interpersonal skills. Others learn leadership adaptability through the ebb and flow of life happenings.   Leadership behavior thrives when it is tended to. One key area that is critical is the ability to literally “practice organizational chang…Read More

  7. Obama and Father’s Day

    President Obama in his usual eloquent way certainly made a case for fathers being available to their kids. It was his larger gift for families on Father’s Day.  I would just like to add another thought. When we take the responsibility to bring children onto the planet it is at best a two party arrangement. Kids not only need their mothers and fathers, they need to learn about relationships by w…Read More

  8. The Tests of Morphing Managing into Leading

    In my research I have been looking at the essence of how managers become leaders. Granted, not all want to go from management development settings into leadership development. Being a leader is more rigorous, more personally demanding than managing.   Leaders are required to be more transparent and the one aspect that separates the weaker from the stronger is the ability to say clearly what one m…Read More

  9. Getting Connected

    This morning we watched a U-tube video about the speed of transformation in the technology sector of our lives. For most of the educators in the room this was a re-run, it has made the internet rounds over the last few months. For all of us, however, it still left us breathless.   Change at the speed of light is here for sure. Yet, as we sat and looked at what is needed in this very high paced wo…Read More

  10. School’s Out or Is It?

    We are having an extended off site with the administrative staff of a high powered school district. What is exciting is the commitment of this team to dig deeply into what they want to bring to their students in the future.   First and foremost they know, as leaders, it is critical to take the time to reassess how they are working together and build upon past leadership development and leadership…Read More

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