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  1. Holiday Stress and Leadership Involvement

      This week is the beginning of the fast track to the holidays. Everyone, no matter what their religious persuasion, is impacted by the bustle, the songs, the red and green decorations, the deep desire for holiday cheer and the disappointment if the dreams and hopes don’t measure up to the realities.   What to do? First, it is important to breathe! Yes, this is simple, inexpensive, and possibl…Read More

  2. Tigers, Politicians, and Sexual Ethics

      In a recent Psychology Today article, there was an old spin on the Tiger Woods affair. He did what he did, “because he could”, suggests the PhD psychologist. It was the aphrodisiac of power that lured him into “misbehaving”.   Remember when Bill Clinton had the whole world riveted with his shenanigans in the oval office? Lots of time went into the discussion of “should we care or not…Read More

  3. Leadership Strategies: How to Talk to a Super Achiever

      I recently presented at a Human Resources symposium in Hershey, PA.  At the end of the session, I was asked the following question, and I want to share the answer with all of you.   The question was about a super-sales type, who would always make sure everyone knew he was the best and the brightest. What he didn’t know was that people said talking with him was like listening to chalk on a b…Read More

  4. Leading and Telling

    What happens when you feel the world is closing in and you just have nothing left to give? What do you do when the tensions and stress of daily life seem to escalate rather than subside? What happens when you feel like you are driving on empty?   Most of us retreat. We find a way to avoid difficult situations and zone out by watching T.V. or starting a big fat book filled with Sudoku challenges. …Read More

  5. Large and In Charge

      When you think of leadership, what are the key words that come to mind?   Most will make a list that includes: Powerful, Capable, Confident, Ambitious, Risk Taker, Effective, Charismatic, and so on.   The discussion continues on blogs and in articles about what constitutes effective leadership, what we need to include in effective leadership training, and what to look for in mentors, coaches,…Read More

  6. Media Frenzy and Leadership

      Why do we care what happened to Tiger Woods and his car accident? Do we care if the same thing had happened to a next door neighbor? What is the reason we salivate and wait for the next bit of news about celebrities and their private lives?   Maybe we are just getting ready to accept the fact that it is an illusion to want to separate who we are at home from who we are at work from who we are …Read More

  7. The Tiger and the Truth

      Lots of buzz about Tiger Woods and a party girl is coming to the surface after the car crash on Thanksgiving. What does it mean to you and to me? Does it really matter if he is having an affair? Does it matter that he won’t talk to the police? Does it matter that Nike is standing by their guy?    All of this will swirl for a week or two and then fall into that mysterious void where old stor…Read More

  8. Coaching as a Non Contact Sport

    While we are all still sorting through the ups and downs of the economy, hearing that the recession is over, yet, the unemployment rate is higher, makes us all feel bi-polar. The question is who and what to believe.   So when you begin to feel both positive and doubtful at the same time, what do you do? I just hung up the phone, yes it is still so good to hear a real voice in a real conversation,…Read More

  9. From Cheerleader to Coach

    Workplace coaching is pretty common these days and is needed more than ever. When stress hits the hot button most of us have a hard time seeing through the color red that coats our perceptions.   Red is universally understood as a color for survival or to provoke. Red light when we are driving means stop. Red flag means danger. We “see red” when we are furious. Red cape in front of a bull get…Read More

  10. Leadership Lessons in 5 Minutes a Day: Or What is Really Possible

    There are so many get rich, get smart, get published, get promoted, get successful, schemes out there. So many promises of what you can do in one minute, a day or a week end. I am finally coming out of the closet to say, rubbish to all the hype!   Have you ever noticed that we humans are complex, multi-layered beings? I  guess if we were like flat worms and just divided in half to procreate we c…Read More

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