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  1. When Will We Ever Learn?

    Stereotypes have a staccato feel to them; short, sharp and often deadly words that leave little room for exploring who or what is underneath. The other day I was researching how the media represents office life. Is it boring and silly? Is it fear driven and illness inducing? Is it a place of creativity and growth?   The usual few books, TV shows and movies kept coming up. Office Space, The Office…Read More

  2. I Lost My Job and I’m a Worthless #**@%!!

    “It was so cold for May that I went to the mall to do a power walk. And then I realized I have no power so I went home.”   I have heard variations of this comment at least ten times a day in recent weeks. So, what can be done? Losing a job is like a death. The emotional stages from denial through anger to bargaining and eventually acceptance are in play.   Most of us see ourselves mainly thr…Read More

  3. Never Been Happier

    You know how it goes. You think about someone, wonder what’s going on in his or her life, plan to email or call and then think about it again right before you fall asleep. By next morning it is a faded memory.   So, I must admit, I didn’t catch up with Lily until many months had passed. I felt a tinge of guilt as I speed dialed her number and wondered what kind of response I would get. You se…Read More

  4. 3 Ways to Make Mother’s Day a Success or a Mess

    Every year all of us have memories drift in and out on that special Sunday set aside to honor our mothers. One fact is for sure. We all have one! Past that, it’s a verbal hodge podge of roller coaster emotions. We can love them, hate them, honor them, ignore them; pretend they don’t exist, or pretend they don’t bother us. Yet, we all know something gets stirred up around the thought of “m…Read More

  5. A Nation of Cowards?

    Attorney General Eric Holder called us a nation of cowards because we do not talk enough with each other about race. The issue is bigger. We do not, as a nation, talk enough about much that really matters. Underneath race is a dialogue waiting to happen about the patterns of relationships that have been handed to us through the generations. The questions we need to ask are about the viability of t…Read More

  6. Patterns of Denial Break Apart

    Michael Phelps, the Olympic medal winner not only said, "Yes I did" to smoking pot, he also said, "I am sorry" and about the public controversy, "This is tough." Comes at the same time President Obama said, "I screwed up" when talking about standing behind several of his cabinet choices. This is a far cry from Bill Clinton's, "I never inhaled", Rob Blagojevich's "Did nothing wrong" or recently pas…Read More

  7. Colors and Textures for the New Administration

    It was bound to happen. Obama's color is once again causing debate. And, if we can go past the "Yes he is" or "No he isn't" we could make headway beyond the traditional either/or climate that wastes so much time and creative energy of our population.   Obama represents for us a new form of human energy...he is a hybrid. He appears to have taken the best that is available from both sides of his …Read More

  8. Reassess WIIFM

    The news these past few weeks reminds me of a quote from a man who was both a visionary and a pragmatist. The quote is not a simplistic. "Don’t Worry Be Happy" statement, it is one that seems to cycle throughout recorded time showing that "bad guys" can and do win and then ultimately lose.    "When I despair," Gandhi once said, "I remember that all through history the ways of truth and l…Read More

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