The Colors of Gender Thanks to Modern Marketing and Ancient Ancestors

From the day you were born, even before conception, there are beliefs and stereotypes that are attached to gender.

Let’s consider the color continuum for gender. Pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Right? Where did this begin? Who decided which colors belong to which gender?

Here is a brief trip through history. In the 1800’s all babies, male and female, wore white “dresses” in infancy. Thus, babies were gender neutral. These sacks were easy for changing diapers and to bleach when they became dirty.

Then around the 1920’s Western parents began dressing the little ones in colors. Pink was associated with boys. Yes, you heard me, boys. Here is the rationale: red is a bold and brave color and too strong for children so, boys got the watered-down version…pink.

Blue, a more subdued color was for girls. And by the way, blue was associated with the Virgin Mary, thus a color of purity. Just saying!

What To Do When You’ve Said Too Much

Dear Dr. Sylvia,

I read your post yesterday in about anger and by the time I was finished I was sad and depressed.

You see, I have come to realize I have a problem with saying way more than is necessary when I get upset. At work they even sent me to an anger management class after I slammed my computer shut and stormed out saying I would probably never come back.


I am a highly paid VP and I am super good at my job as a market analyst and I love my job. I even love the company I work for.

Funny that I don’t show anger at home, only at work. What is that about?

I almost ruined my career and in the process almost ruined some deep and important friendships at work. I am usually a mild tempered really good guy.

Any suggestions on how to get the ‘egg off my face’ and how to clean up the mess I left behind?