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  1. Leadership Strategies: Preventing Burnout

    Every leadership development program should have a module on burnout; how to avoid it and what to do when yikes, too late, it’s right there in front of you. Burnout is one of the leading causes of conflict in the workplace. When you are exhausted even the softest squeaky wheel will set your teeth on edge. Burnout causes you to be irritable, unfocused, and less willing to hear others. In a great…Read More

  2. Communication, Communication, Communication

    I was in a discussion with a colleague about the key drivers for leadership success and what core elements in leadership development would make the greatest long term difference. Think about it for a minute; what would you say is the #1 factor for success. I want to underline, long term success. What does it take to get to the top? I want to underline, to get to the top and stay there! We have see…Read More

  3. Are Women Really So Unhappy?

    Last week there was an article in BNET discussing why women are so unhappy. Many good points were covered; yet, that is not what I want to write about today. I have been fascinated by the number (almost 150) by count on Sunday of responses to this article. Most of the reactions were from women, and an occasional man who also put his thoughts in the commentary section. I began to look for the patte…Read More

  4. Obama and Deep Thinking

    What does it mean for the world that President Obama is receiving the Nobel Peace prize? Maybe, just maybe it means we are in a turn the corner place for deeper thinking. Maybe, just maybe, we can find ways to care about each other rather than continue to set up polarizing, frozen perspectives. My curiosity is peeked. How will the Rush Limbaugh types of the world respond to this news? I expect wit…Read More

  5. Leadership and Truth

    There is a new movie out called The Invention of Lying. Great premise: what if no one knew how to lie and only told the truth, the whole truth, no matter what? It would certainly be a different world. Here is an example from the film. People go out to dinner and one woman to the other “I am very threatened by you” is truth sentence rather than a simple “Hi there”. I was thinking about this…Read More

  6. Leadership and Power

    Do we ever really know another person? We see the frame, the face, and the clothes. We can guess about their preferences by where they live, the books they read, the work they do. And yet, do we ever know another? In this era of celebrity watching, when the paparazzi make truckloads of money from shooting pictures of the rich and the famous, we think a wave of a hand from a car, or a snapshot on a…Read More

  7. Leadership and Radical Transparency

    I am one who tracks patterns rather than tornadoes. Actually they are not that different. One is a force of nature that can be traced and has many attributes that are predictable. It can be called the perfect storm. Behavior patterns also can be traced and if one looks closely there are predictable aspects that also cause perfect storms. Recently I was talking with a colleague about how bad behavi…Read More

  8. Tell Em You Love Em

    You know the song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love…”. During these times that still seem economically tough and money is tight what can we give that replenishes itself, that won’t cause us worry and stress and still has a positive impact. Love, you say. That is certainly correct. However, the concept of love is filled with lots of dark crevices and deep crannies. I am going to…Read More

  9. 4 Clues that Your Boss is Getting Ready to Put You on a Performance Improvement Plan

    We all know that the formal language around a PIP is that it is “designed to facilitate a discussion between you and your boss”. Right! Everyone knows it is really a way to get you to self select out before you get fired. Wrong! If you have a crystal ball and see a performance improvement plan looming in your future do not worry. I’ll say it again. Do not worry. Or at least don’t let the …Read More

  10. Leadership Strategies and Emotional Mountains

    There are many of us who learned as children to rant and rave, to make mountains out of molehills, to cry or stomp our feet to get attention. Or, maybe it was not always about wanting attention. Often, in a family the drama queen or king, the persecutor, the super achiever and the martyr are playing their role to keep peace in the family by turning the spotlight front and center on themselves. In…Read More

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