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You will be an avid reader.

The creative person is able to observe patterns, often when others sitting next to them see unconnected dots. If you think of these dots as people and the connecting lines as constructive interaction…Read More

Richard Saul Wurman, Founder, TED Conference


Dr. Lafair has brilliantly synthesized the complexities of today’s workplace (in UNIQUE) and reworked them into accessible, singular action items that add immediate value to your organization. Excel…Read More

Marshall Goldsmith, Top Ten Global Business Thinker

Sylvia’s consulting work is powerful

Sylvia’s consulting work is powerful. She teaches employees to look at situations from a holistic perspective rather than from a place of blaming. Conflicts can be settled quicker and that leaves mo…Read More

Matthew Emmens, Retired CEO Shire Pharmaceuticals

Actually GUTSY!

I look at situations a lot differently now, this program has reinforced decisions I currently make in the workplace to be a strong leader, actually GUTSY! …Read More

Jeannine Mazurkiwecz, TV News Executive

Excellent mentor/coach.

Sylvia's coaching style is friendly, approachable, and down to earth.  Sylvia's coaching helped me to become a more authentic version of myself, and therefore more self-confident.  Other people not…Read More

Scott Kelley, VP of Anesthesiology

Always amazing.

Every time I see Sylvia and hear her speak, it just lights a spark and makes me want to do better as a woman. Both personally and professionally. She is always amazing. The last couple of times I left…Read More

Rosemarie Mohr, Director of Sales and Marketing, Aramark at Villanova UCC

Learned invaluable strategies.

The concepts and strategies learned from Sylvia and Total Leadership Connections are invaluable. Working in a newsroom is competitive and stressful and with new understanding of how relationships trig…Read More

Tyler Mathisen, Co-Anchor CNBC's Power Lunch

Solid writer.

Sylvia Lafair has not only the background of knowledge and professional experience to write this exciting book, ‘Don’t Bring It to Work’, she also is a solid writer who understands how to captur…Read More

Grady Harp, Top Ten Reviewer for Amazon

You need to pick up this book.

Don’t Bring It to Work is a breakthrough book that can help entrepreneurs understand the behaviors of their staff, discover how these behaviors were created, and how to take action to change them fo…Read More

Evan Charmichael

Leadership is a mindset.

Dr. Lafair’s Total Leadership Connections Program has played a critical role in my leadership journey.  Understanding that leadership is a mindset that must be fully integrated into all aspects of …Read More

Thomas R. Ulbrich, Assistant Dean/Executive Director University Buffalo School of Management
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