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Based in the greater San Francisco, California area, Creative Energy Options offers award-winning Leadership Programs, Consulting, and Business Coaching solutions. Sylvia Lafair, an accomplished change management expert with over 25 years experience, serves as our president.

Our programs are designed to arm you and/or your team with the proven tools for positive change management.

Each program is creative, full of energy, and designed to provide options that will not only accelerate organizational productivity but will also release the creative energy within each employee.

Got Stress? Here’s how to tackle it and stay in the safe stress zone.


Total Leadership Connections™ strives to create leaders who are self-aware. Leaders with a keen knowledge of how teams operate with vital options for sustainability and productivity. Creative Energy Options will teach you how to tackle complex business challenges, rather than adapt.


Pattern Breakthrough Coaches™ teach you how to observe, understand, and change personality patterns. Learn advanced skills for true communication, conflict mastery, and balanced living. Imagine having the keys to unlock life-long patterns that block your full potential. We will show you the way OUT!


Our EDGE Program™ offers teams the tools to become aware of pattern behavior. Identify & dictate unconscious bias and how fix it. Our innovative communication skills create an open environment of acceptance and accountability. Most of all, it’s an experience rather than a program.

“When preparation meets opportunity, success is guaranteed”

~Sylvia Laflair










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