About Our Leadership Education Expert


Dr. Sylvia Lafair, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Creative Energy options (CEO, Inc.) is known for her groundbreaking leadership education methods. She began her career in psychology to explore why people do what they do in personal relationships.

Seeing the connection between how families behave and how work teams operate, she developed corporate team building activities to stop office politics and enhance team communication and collaboration. Dr. Lafair’s professional coaching programs have been utilized internationally, and her unique “Pattern Aware™” concepts have proven effective worldwide.

As a noted authority on leadership education, a consultant to family firms, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit associations, and entrepreneurial start-ups, her message resonates with the fast paced world of today where everyone must be the best they can be to win at work. Her insights are universal and relevant no matter what business you are in. Office drama and politics, human resource issues, absenteeism, and litigation increase when stress is high in companies. This is where Dr. Lafair’s conflict resolution strategies become vitally important.

“My husband, Herb Kaufman, and I had developed one of the most well respected personal growth centers in Philadelphia. We invited such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth 
Kubler-Ross, and Bernie Siegel to lead training programs. A participant in one of the seminars asked me if I would work with his senior leadership team. My surprised response was “Why?” to which his response was “They’re fighting.” My retort was “So what?” What he said next led to a career change that has been amazing and totally unexpected. He was thoughtful when he responded “Look, you work with families, and you help them learn to get along better. My team is like a family, and they need to learn to work together more effectively.” That was when the light bulb went on. No one else had put the two together.

She has gone on to work all over the world, and while there are cultural differences, the ways we respond when stress hits the hot button at work are surprisingly similar on all five continents. Her leadership program Total Leadership Connections™ is in its 14th year and has been named one of the top leadership programs 2011-2014 by Leadership Excellence/HR.com. Her books, Don’t Bring It to Work, GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change and UNIQUE: How Story Sparks Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement, have all won numerous awards. Sylvia has been featured on extensive radio and television programs and is highly sought after as a keynote speaker, featured columnist with INC. Magazine, workshop leader, and webinar presenter.

Sylvia combines humor and depth into her presentations, and people leave feeling full of new and inspiring ways to make their lives richer, more meaningful, and more impactful. If you have not already done so, check out Sylvia’s best-selling books and DVD’s. Discover how your world of work can be more creative and collaborative and filled with the magic of high level success.