Office clowns often learned their craft in grade school where they were lovingly called the class clown by everyone. It was a sign of recognition that set them apart as smart and witty, albeit often annoying to the teacher. This was often due to the fact that the clown can display an uncanny ability to break open a tense situation with a joke.

The precursor to the clown, the court jester played a vital role in the court of kings by cutting through to the heart of an issue and showing their royal masters the weaknesses of those not to be trusted.

In the workplace the office clown can pick up the unsaid anger in the room and become heroes by speaking the unspeakable. However, their clownish behavior causes communication gaps that are at best wasteful and at worst the stuff of lawsuits.

GOOD NEWS – The Clown can become a Humorist!

Once the clown can observe the sad or frustrating part of a work situation they can learn the timing to become a humorist and help to put discomfort in perspective so deeper dialogues can be tackled.

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