Fearful of looking at themselves too closely, deniers feel a critical need for everything to look good on the outside, and so long as others cannot see the dirty laundry. Well, then, it just isn’t there.

Change is the enemy for the denier. “Leave well enough alone” is their battle cry. If it worked till now it should work in the future. And the denier is one who will ignore scientific research and not even see the flood waters rising outside the door, sadly until it is too late.

Deniers often are substance abusers to keep the pain of what is really happening at bay. They eat, drink, and over exercise to keep running away from hearing or seeing the truth knocking at their door. Anyone who challenges them is seen as an evil disrupter and must be ignored or terminated from their happy environment.

GOOD NEWS – The Denier can become a Trust Builder! When deniers wake from their numbed sleep by asking questions, the world in front of them starts to change. The power of asking questions and then staying strong and steady to solve problems makes them a vital force for dynamic new ways of moving forward.

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