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Our Pattern Aware process, not found in any other programs, sets us apart preparing you to transcend business challenges.    

Our organization continues to win awards for Pattern Breakthrough Coaching and Total Leadership Connections, (named in the top 10 programs by HR.com for the past six years).

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Our extraordinary, award-winning coaching, leadership and team courses will transform you into
a more successful, fulfilled and effective leader.

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  • "The concepts and

    "The concepts and strategies learned from Sylvia and Total Leadership Connections are invaluable. Working in a newsroom is competitive and stressful and with a new understanding of how relationships trigger tension, I am able to resolve pressure situations faster and with minimal dissension. Moreover, I can bring the techniques and tools home; a double win."

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    - Tyler Mathisen

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Dr. Sylvia Lafair, PhD

One of the World’s Top-30 Leadership Gurus [link]

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