Leadership Webinar Communication Series

Discover new ways to effectively handle old problems in the workplace.

Use these Webinar & Communication videos to get a core understanding of
effective communication, conflict transformation, essentials of coaching and office politics.

Do all or choose one that you need right now.

Webinar: Get the But Out Of Your Yes

We talk all the time and don’t really think about what we say. This webinar elevates your communication skills by preparing you to ask the right questions at the right time. Get away from ‘communication addictions,’ the habit of repeating favorite words over and over that trap you.

You will gain understanding of how the power of language affects your body and stress.

Webinar: Managing Change

How often does change occur in your business? How do you prepare for change, or do you have a plan? This educational video will help you lead the different personality types within your organization, through all the changes that are inevitable.

Webinar: The Chemistry of Coaching

Take time to explore your career and relationships. A thriving career often comes from having a great guide, or mentor…especially when blind spots make you swerve off the path to success. Sylvia’s best advice is GET ALL THE HELP YOU CAN.

Some of the best help is with a certified coach. That is someone who has done his/her own personal and professional work and knows what it is like to feel the pain of defeat and the pride of the win.

What do you look for in a coach? Honestly, the same things you look for in a mate (well, almost). You want integrity, compassion, interest, intelligence, and an ear to bend when the going gets rough.

This video will help you determine:

  1. The best questions to ask when searching for the perfect coach
  2. Why you must make sure the coach can go back to the past and not just start with today
  3. When it’s time to graduate from your coaching sessions

Webinar: Communicate to Captivate

Success over the long term means more than letting your work speak for itself. YOU must speak for your work. It’s not about speaking over someone, tooting your own horn or waiting to be polite. It’s about the words and phrases that will capture attention and captivate the listener.

This video will give you some techniques to communicate, captivate and convince!

Build your communication skills:

  1. Express your ideas powerfully and comfortably
  2. Engage your colleagues with the creativity of story
  3. Enter into vital dialogues with the right words
  4. Encourage others to align with you

Webinar: Transforming Conflict to Collaboration

High performing teams and families are always able to debate, disagree and dispute. It’s when there is avoidance and denial that conflict gets swept under the rug, tensions fire up and anger erupts.

When healthy conflict methods are learned then you’re able to listen to divergent points of view to make better decisions.

In this video you will gain tools to:

  1. Manage the emotional climate of your team (or family)
  2. Maintain healthy listening and talking boundaries
  3. Make and implement hard decisions in a timely manner