More about the Persecutor Pattern


You can spot a persecutor immediately because he or she rarely uses the words “I feel” in a sentence—unless, of course, it is to blame, as in “I feel that you don’t listen to me”. The difference between a tough boss and a persecutor is that a tough boss will give you challenging goals with resources to succeed while a persecutor often withholds information as a means of exercising power.

They tend to dominate conversations and want to be at the center of attention. Loud mouthed persecutors will find fault with someone else’s work in front of a group. Quiet persecutors are more subtle. They use the “red pen” technique, cutting up your work as deftly as if they were slicing your body with a sword. They love to see people fail.


GOOD NEWS – The Persecutor can become a Visionary! When they move that same index finger just two inches toward the sky, you catch a glimmer of the positive visionary that resides behind all the anger and upset.

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