Pleasers have a dreadful dilemma, by staying quiet they disappoint some and by speaking out they offend others. The deep desire to be liked by those in power, or the “in” group, falls short because pleasers are seen as wishy-washy.

While it is hard to set limits, pleasers exhaust themselves by saying “yes” rather than disappointing someone. Thus, their work is often shoddy because there are only so many requests that can be handled at a given time. Then the apologies start which only cause more annoyance and frustration.

Pleasers are known for the fact that whoever they are with at the moment gets full attention and agreement, until the next person comes along. Thus, pleasers are not trusted and while they intend to create good will , instead they are looked upon with disdain.

GOOD NEWS – The Pleaser can become a Truth Teller! When a pleaser steps up and tells the truth, magic happens. People will sit up and listen because the power of telling the truth without judgment, blame or attack is riveting and creates the environment for creative and productive work to get done.

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