Perfectionism plays a big role in procrastinating. It is worse to be told work is not perfect than to have someone upset with projects being late. The lack of self-confidence is huge and hiding behind excuses creates a wall of defense, a certain amount of safety from being attacked.

There is a link between impulsiveness and procrastination that is hidden in the excuses of the procrastinator. Impulsive people tend to value living in the moment and thus attribute no real importance to deadlines. This stems from anxiety about making the right choice. Thus, no choice is better than the wrong one.

Procrastinators hate to be held accountable and will look for people to work with who let things slide and do not really care about the quality of work. However, they then will judge these same people for not having high enough standards and give this as a reason for not handing work in on time. Since no one cares I don’t either, is the usual comment.

GOOD NEWS – The Procrastinator can become a Realizer! When procrastinators can get in touch with the underlying fear that has them frozen in performing, follow-through and producing results, they become a force to behold. Suddenly the energy used to defend, explain and justify is used realizing how relatively easy it is to complete projects, and they are sought after colleagues.

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