Get an A in Leadership: authenticity, accountability,
accuracy, action, and achievement.

All our programs and webinars are here to give you a new and unique perspective about leadership.

Take Emotional Intelligence to the next level of Pattern Awareness. Nowhere else can you get this advanced and important relationship learning.

Let us explain: The world of work is about solving problems. Once you solve a problem, you move onto what is next. It’s exhilarating and creative.

If the same problem shows up over and over without real results, you are in the realm of pattern repetition.

That’s where we come in.

Our programs are the most unique and sought after for leadership development. We have had thousands of people complete our programs over the past 30 years and we’re still at top speed.  Our research and edutainment methods have been used in Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and family businesses. You may be wondering, what’s the best part of the program? Well, everyone takes what they learn into all other relationships thus, it’s a double dip for the price of one!


Creative Energy Options Leadership Behavior Quiz Programs

Take the Leadership Development Quiz and find out some answers to your leadership style,where you excel and where you can make some changes that will enhance your success.

Our programs are designed to bring out the best leader in you and make your work life creative, productive and fulfilling.


Our flagship program, guaranteed to transform how you see yourself and others.

It wins awards and has been a huge success for the past 16 years and the great news is what you learn about yourself and how you respond in relationships at work can also benefit you personally as well as professionally.

Our Sankofa Map will give you a clear path to what you want to keep and what you want to change as you move forward.


Women leaders are in demand and this week-end program gives you best advice to stand strong and be heard.

There is a GUTSY quiz to see where you are and what you need to traverse the route to wherever you want to take your career.  This provides you with all the equipment to make the best decisions for work-life balance as you find the balance between head and heart.

When the analytical-self shakes hands with the emotional -self, magic happens.


Take the time to discover new ways to handle old problems and do so at your own speed.

There are five webinars that will give you core understanding of effective communication, conflict transformation, essentials of coaching and office politics. Do all four or choose one that you need right now.