Rebels often strike colleagues as emotionally closed and distrustful. They are hyper-vigilant about making sure they and others are not being taken advantage of. A classic rebel loves nothing more than throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire and getting others to do the same.

The moment rebels hear of discontent, they will go to great lengths to convince others that they should go to HR or get legal advice. There is a deep desire to get media coverage and become known for a specific cause. And if that is handled, then onto the next area where there is a distaste to confront. They often take on an issue without really doing do diligence to understand the larger implications of what needs to be changed.

Rebels often cause consternation in hopes of getting fired so they can get a rebel lawyer to have a high profile case and let anger and righteousness get out of hand. This is when revenge enters and nothing positive can really occur.

GOOD NEWS – The Rebel can become a Community Builder! When rebels embrace the notion that we are all in it together and light the fire of connectedness, they take their inner flame of passion and help create communities to solve difficult problems together.

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