Rescuers have all the answers and only want to give these answers to those who will see them as heroes. Anyone who might challenge their advice is seen as an enemy and not to be included in any type of on-going discussions. The challengers are seen as inadequate and uninformed and rescuers will often suggest books or articles to read or will dismiss anyone who is not sitting at their feet, as superficial and ignorant.

Rescuers are often the ones at work who will champion community projects for the less fortunate who live near the work environment. They will then end up spending as much of their time away from work telling everyone that what they are doing is “more important.” They are great at arguing about what really matters and suggesting that others pick up the slack during the business day and not bother them.

GOOD NEWS – The Rescuer can become a Mentor! Rescuers who have performed the exhausting work of helping ease the difficulties of others, have a special ability to become master mentors where they can use their keen listening and questioning skills to point the way for others to succeed.

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